Thursday, 3 July 2008

Najib admits meeting with Saiful

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today admitted that Saiful Bukhari Azlan met him a few days before the latter lodged the police report against Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for alleged sodomy, according to a Malaysiakini report (Najib mengaku jumpa Saiful & DPM admits meeting sodomy complainant)

Menurutnya, Saiful menemuinya beberapa hari sebelum membuat laporan polis tersebut, bercerita mendakwa dia telah diliwat oleh Anwar.

"Saya mula-mula tidak berapa yakin dengan ceritanya. Saya menerima kedatangannya atas sifat saya seorang pemimpin.

"Dia datang beberapa hari lalu, sebelum laporan polis dibuat. Dia datang kerana mahu pertolongan dari saya," katanya sambil menambah, Saiful kenal salah seorang pegawainya.


(According to him, Saiful met him a few days before lodging the police report, claiming that he had been sodomised by Anwar.

"Initially I was not quite convinced of his story. I accepted the meeting in my capacity as a leader.

"He came a few days ago, before the police report was lodged. He came because he wanted me to help him," he said adding that Saiful knew one of his officers.)

Now, why did the DPM withhold this piece of information? This question was posed by Rockybru on his blog .

Rocky recalled that Najib had a few days ago confirmed (after a picture of Saiful and Najib's officer Khairul Anus was exposed by Wan Azizah, the day after Saiful lodged a police report on sodomy against Anwar) that Saiful had come to his Ministry but had said nothing about a meeting at his residence.

Did Najib withold this information for some reason? Why didn't he admit this earlier if he has nothing to hide?


A Voice said...

He revealed it already, Kak Ton.

I think it is better late than never.

The fact that this piece of information can be incriminating and be twisted by the Keldaians, yet he revealed it.

Between Anwar and Najib, Anwar is looking more sly and more greedy for power. Thats dangerous ...

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Penn, am sorry I accidentally deleted yr posting. Managed to retreave from my e-mail.

Penn has left a new comment on your post "An Explosive Statutory Declaration...":

I wonder where does this fit in within the bigger scheme. If all in here are merely hearsay..then they cannot be admitted into court anyway. And yes like someone said before me, why now? right after the charge against Anwar?

Anonymous said...

well the politicians do things for reasons that we sometimes cannot fathom. A tad too coincidental? but then again..if Saiful already knew of the feud between the two, and who did not? then it might not be too surprising for him to seek protection from Najib..IF the sodomy happened.

Anonymous said...

Puan Maria,

Apa jenis wayang ni. Kalah Bollywood, kalah bangsawan, kalah gambar Tamil. Hari hari skrip baru. Wahai Najib lupakan budk miang tu. sila beri tumpuan kepada ekonomi negara yang semakin meruncing.Rakyat perlu pembelaan. Biarlh polis buat kderja mereka menyesiat laporan yang dibuat dn saudara tidak perlu membuat kenyataan berputar belit nanti terperangkap diri sendiri.

the witch's broo said...

tok mommy,

it gets crazier, more bollywood-ish and so so bizarre (as someone put it).

even those anti-najibs are making assumptions about many details of the case.

all i can say is -- liars, liars...all of them. and greed!


Anonymous said...

"Why now?” asked Najib about P.Balasubramaniam's statutory declaration on him.

Why is it okay to cast doubt about DSAI’s integrity and sexuality but when it is the BN ministers’ turn to be under scrutiny, all allegations against them are lies.

Najib claimed that the SD is an attempt to tarnish his image and a diversion from the sodomy charge DSAI is facing.

I recall Pak Lah saying that it is natural for the accused - he was of course referring to Anwar - to deny allegations against him.

With this latest revelation on Najib's relationship with Altantuya, I wonder if he (Pak Lah) would say the same of Najib (who has denied the allegation)?

Anonymous said...

Anwar is a pathological liar, that why.

Anonymous said...

Najib's admission that he met Saiful raises these questions:

Firstly, why now? Why not earlier? Saiful says he is sodomized, shouldnt he go to the police instead to Najib? Surely they must be hiding something.

How come it is so easy for Saiful to walk in and out the DPM's office and house.

Najib is the 2nd man in the country. Therefore, security at his office & residence is very tight. Something is amiss here, like they both were cooking sthing up?

Anonymous said...

Kak Ton,

It saddens me to think that our beloved country has come down to this level - as Kak enah puts it at its "lowest ebb" - and where all this latest political fiasco is leading to.

Dont know who to believe in any more- very confusing for the rakyat lah.

We have Sd here & Sd there. Allegatiosn everywhere.

This boils down to the fact that we dont have an effective leader who is not in control of the current situation, He's still sleeping and not aware of wht's going on and yet has the audacity to say that evrything is OK.

Ayoh yo! How like that one?

How unfortunate for the country and the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Hi adik,

If you havent read it already, rocky'sbru wrote in his blog to expect another SD.

This drama unfolding befrore us is not going to end, that soon. Believe me.

Me too. Am getting so fed up with the goings on by the politicians.

Have enough of their antics. Allegations and counter-allegations tak habih-habih. There are bigger issues at hand.

Apo nak jadi. Tsk,tsk.

Anonymous said...

Najib's assistant is named Khairul Anus? Why do I see references to rectal openings all over the place? I know, lame joke.

Anonymous said...

Something's not quite right here.

1. Why go to the DPM's office to get a scholarship?

2. Why go to the DPM's residence to seek help from his boss's political rival? Some more abt being sodomised

This is what the Malays say, pucuk dicinta, ulam mendatang.

Come on lah Najib. Bet u discussed with yr misus. This is one hell of a golden opportunity.

Tak payah lah bersandiwara lagi.

Anonymous said...

Tak pelik kenapa budak tu cari Najib. Dah tu semua orang tahu sekarang Najib tu macam musuh Anwar. So senang je la.

Anonymous said...

I confused here, when claim being sodomized,,,,, did saiful consent/rela?
Anwar must be a vey strong 61 year old man having used neck-collar and spine operation earlier? how come saiful couldnt defend himself?
kalau dia rela, can he be charged?

Anonymous said...

Farah Hana: this may answer your questions.

"1. Why go to the DPM's office to get a scholarship?"

Part of the plot to frame Najib, Saiful was asked to go to Najib's office on the pretext of asking scholarship. After all, Saiful's related to AAB via his daughter inlaw??

"2. Why go to the DPM's residence to seek help from his boss's political rival? Some more abt being sodomised"

If Najib's aide is being sodomised by Najib, it will be very likely that the aide will end up at Anwar, Lim Guan Eng, Khalid Ibrahim Nik Aziz etc's residence. What is so funny about that.

Anyway the visit to Najib residence is also part of the plot written by DSAI to frame Najib.

"Come on lah Najib. Bet u discussed with yr misus. This is one hell of a golden opportunity."

Nak discuss apa, "stat dec" tersebut hanya akan dipercayai oleh orang yang pendek akal sahaja kerana ia jelas satu cerita yang di ada adakan. IQ you berapa Hana?

"Tak payah lah bersandiwara lagi." Nasihat yang paling elok untuk pembelit utama anda: DSAI

Anonymous said...

take a look at this:
Police report on sodomy: 28th
Date sodomy claimed to hv happened: 26th

Najib meeting with the boy: " A few days before report"

Smell somthing fishy?

Anonymous said...

Mr A voice, knowing your ilk, may be you should volunteer to answer the following questions on behalf of Najib.

1. Mr DPM, it is known that even a cabinet minister can’t see you unless he/she goes through appointment, time and phone calls. Why is it so easy for unknown dropout to have a meeting with you at your private residence?

2. If he was “traumatized” (he he), does that mean every traumatized Malaysian has an easy access to your home and time? I’m traumatized, can I come now?

3. Why did he chose you? Why not the PM? Ahmad Zahidi, the Religion Minister? Zaid Ibrahim, the Law Minister? Karpal Singh, the senior lawyer? Ustadh Hadi Awang, the Politician and PAS Leader? TG Nik Azziz? The Selangor Mufti? The Perlis Mufti? The ACA? The Police? His Parents? His Fiancee? UMNO Youth? Foreign Embassies? Why did he chose you alone? And why is it so easy for him to meet you even in your highly guarded private home where you rest after work while evn MPs can’t meet you there?

4. You denied seeing, meeting him on Monday. You said he has only met your officer for scholarship purposes (though he has one and left it). What happened to that statement? Why did you buckle?

5. The boy said he was sodomised one day before he lodged the police report, (Thursday), but you met him earlier and you said he came to complain of sodomy. This means he went to Anwar after meeting you to be sodomised again. You met him when Anwar was in the Holy City of Medina with Dr Aziza performing Umrah, when they came back on Wed. afternoon, the boy said he was sodomised on Thursday. But the boy has been meeting you before. Don’t you think you have sold out your very self?

6. You “told” the boy that it was “up to him”, in case he wanted to file a police report about the sodomy charge. (He he). But Mr DPM you know that sodomy is criminal even if it is out of consent. So how can you fail to order him to seek redress in a court of justice in relation to a crime? Is that’s how you want to lead the nation?


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