Monday, 14 September 2009

Bagan Pinang by-election: :Nomination set for Oct 3, polling Oct 11

The Election Commission (EC) today fixed Oct 3 (Saturday) for nomination and Oct 11 (Sunday) for polling for the Bagan Pinang state seat by-election in Negeri Sembilan.

azlanThere will be a eight-day campaigning period.

The dates were announced by EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof at a press conference today.

Abdul Aziz said there are 13,664 voters in Bagan Pinang, of which 9,060 are normal voters while the remainder 4,604 are postal voters. The large number of postal voters are due to the presence of several army camps in the constituency.

This is the ninth by-election since the 12th general election in March last year.

The seat fell vacant following the death of incumbent Barisan Nasional assemblyperson Azman Mohammad Noor on Sept 4 due to blood infection.

Talking to reporters after announcing the dates, Abdul Aziz said the commission will not change its normal practice to allow postal votes to be cast on the polling day, as requested by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Abdul Aziz explained that postal voting is conducted two to three days prior to the actual polling day.

Stressing that this has been the standard practice thus far, he said that he will not entertain any request to change the system.

In the general election in March 2008, Azman defeated PAS' Ramli Ismail with a majority of 2,333 votes. He polled 6,430 votes against Ramli's 4,097.

Malay majority seat Bagan Pinang is part of the Teluk Kemang parliamentary seat in Port Dickson with voters from the community making up 66 per cent of the electorate.

Of the four other state seats in Teluk Kemang, three - Port Dickson, Chuah and Lukut - are under the opposition while BN holds Linggi.

Last week, the Teluk Kemang Umno division unanimously nominated division chief Isa Samad as a candidate for the seat.

Meanwhile, Negeri Sembilan PAS has identified three "well-qualified" locals to be considered as the candidates but did not reveal them.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Hadi Awang said yesterday that the names had been submitted to PAS' central leadership for deliberation.

Source: Malaysiakini


matt said...

hmmm, why has Ec fixed polling day on Sunday? To ensure high voter-turn-out?

Why the dounble standard when by-election in Permatang Pasir was on a weekday/working day?

julian said...

wonder what bn will say when PR wins the seat with their almost postal votes???????????


kak ton,
i have tagged you. please help yvonne.

Lee said...

UMNO will win this by election....the main reason being the large number of postal voters.This is being realistic as the postal voting has always been subjected to abuse!