Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Worldwide condemnation of Israel...

...after its troops stormed aid ship, Flotilla, trying to break Gaza blockade, killing 10 activists on board. (Read here and here. ).

While the majority of world leaders have condemned the attack, Israeli's strongest ally, Barrack Obama, the president of United States, has been conspicuously silent, except for a brief statement from the White house expressing "regrets over the loss of life and injuries sustained..." avoiding any hint of criticism of Israeli action in its public statement.

Across the world, Muslims have held numerous protests against the dawn raid. But there is not much information on the aftermath of the raid - because of a news blackout by the Israeli. As a result, the main international media organisations have relied on Israeli spokespeople to step in unchallenged through its own version of the incident by its great propaganist, Mark Regev, who has been monopolising the airwaves.

Israel claimed the aid activists were terrorists armed with guns and in cahoot with al-Qaeda and Hamas. And, of course, the Israeli soldiers had acted reasonably. They faced a lynch, says Israel.

No names of the dead have been released but reports say that most of them are Turkish.

Human Rights groups have condemned the occupation of Gaza and in the latest incident say that Israel has flouted International laws and has no right to control Gaza’s sea as its own territorial waters and to stop aid convoys.

The flotilla, is among six fleet of ships, carrying 5,000 tonnes of reconstruction materials, school supplies and medical equipment to the 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza.

Deadly Israeli raid on aid fleet - Aljazeera

Al Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin reports from Jerusalem on the storming of the flotilla and its aftermath

Israeli soldiers have attacked a flotilla of aid-carrying ships off the coast of the Gaza Strip, killing as many as 10 people on board.

Dozens more were believed to be injured when troops raided the convoy of six ships, dubbed the Freedom Flotilla, early on Monday.

But those figures were hard to confirm as the flotilla was being held in the Israeli port of Ashdod on Tuesday, with 700 passengers from 30 countries either being detained or in hospital.

Israel said activists on board attacked its commandos as they boarded the ships, while the flotilla's organisers said the Israeli forces opened fire first, as soon as they stormed the convoy.

Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, gave his "full backing" to the military forces after the raid, which he said "was to prevent the infiltration of thousands of rockets, missiles and other arms that could hit our cities, communities or people".

"I give my complete backing to the army, the soldiers and commanders who acted to defend the state and to protect their lives." He also said Israel regretted the loss of life in the raid.

Protests worldwide

Israeli media reported that many of the dead were Turkish nationals.

Hamas, the Palestinian group which governs the Gaza Strip, said the assault was a "massacre" and called on the international community to intervene.... continue here

Read here "A Prayer for the Safety of our Gaza-bound friends" ; here "Malaysia Condemns Israeli Raid on Gaza Aid Flotilla."Malaysia Condemns Israeli Raid On Gaza Aid FlotillaMalaysia Condemns Israeli Raid On Gaza Aid Flotilla


Pete said...

As expected Obama finally spoke in a very feebled tone expressing regret over the loss of lives and asking Israel to conduct "a fair & impartial investigation". No need for a UN-led investigation, despite demand by the world leaders.

No condemnation over the way the Israeli commandos handled the deadly raid.

Once again, Israel got of the hook in the name of defending its security. WTF!

So what else is new? Its the same old, the same old.

matt said...

So wht next? World-wide condemnation. Demonstrations protesting the raid. Havent we heard and seen all these before? UN resolutions passed against Israeli aggression but were ignored them.

Talk and retorics. I see no end to the Israeli policy of aggression against the Palestinians.

The hell with the mounting anger and world condemnation against it.

As long as it continues to have the support and protection of big brother, the US - Israel doesnt give a shit.

AKU said...

I think the Israeli underestimated world reaction on this latest tragic and deadly raid having gotten away with such acts in the past.

As usual, the Israeli PR machine has been going on an overdrive from its PM, Cabinet Ministers spurting out the same line of defense: the activists are terrorists link with Al Qaeeda, Hamas (forgetting that Hamas was democratically elected by the Palestinians)and had with them on board weapons and the commandos was acting in self defense.