Monday, 13 September 2010

Shady duo who put up a generous front

KUALA LANGAT: The mastermind said to be behind the murder of cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others is an infamous figure being investigated by police for land fraud and cheating.

Both the man and his brother are from humble beginnings. After graduating with law degrees, they opened a practice, where one of the brothers soon became an active member of the community.

They are known for their show of philanthropy with frequent donations of food and clothing to the poor.

The brothers, who specialise in land deals, had also developed a reputation for “unsavoury tactics” during their negotiations.

“Their methods were frowned upon and most lawyers kept their distance from them,” said a source.

The two, who were suspended from practising law for a year for alleged involvement in land scams, are known to have expensive tastes, being seen driving luxury cars.

Crime scene: The farm where the murders might have been committed.

It is understood that the elder brother, who received a Datukship a year ago, is being investigated by the Commercial Crimes Investigations Department (CCID) in Penang and Bukit Aman for land fraud and cheating cases involving millions of ringgit.

Sources familiar with the case said he had attempted to cheat a businessman of more than a million ringgit over three parcels of land.

“The businessman was shown a power of attorney letter by the lawyer, who collected a RM1mil deposit pending transfer of the land title.

A forensics police officer collecting bone fragments near Banting Sunday.

“When the businessman later did a search, he was shocked to find that the land had already been sold,” they said.

The sources said police were checking if Sosilawati had engaged one of the brothers in a land deal and if she could have wanted her money back after learning about the alleged fraud because there was talk that she had gone to see him in Banting on the same matter.

Federal CCID deputy director Deputy Comm Datuk Noryah Md Anvar confirmed that the brothers were under investigation.

An estate worker said he had sometimes seen luxury cars entering and leaving the farm near where the ashes of the victims were supposedly found.

“However, no one really knows what goes on there as the gates are always closed,” he said.

Another resident, who only wanted to be known as Rajes, 30, said one the brothers was the man “you go to see if you need help with something outside the boundaries of the law.”

“Everyone knows that he is connected with certain types of people,” he said, adding that it was rumoured among locals that people who crossed the brothers would mysteriously disappear. - the Star

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