Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Grandma Maria has a blog...

No, I am not writing about me. I am talking about someone who shares my first name. She is Maria Amelia Lopez.

And, Maria Aemlia Lopez is not your ordinary grandma. She is a blogger.

Meet 95-year-old Maria, a lively old great grandmother from Spain, who has achieved global fame as the oldest of the world's 63.2 million bloggers.

I came across her story while reading the Sunday Star (Nov.18). I was intrigued - you know, 95, and blogging? I guess, one is never too old to learn.

Ms Lopez started blogging in December of last year. and it didn’t take long until she was discovered by the public.

She’s now getting plenty of coverage in the Spanish papers and on the news. Hundreds of thousands of people visit her site curious to learn the wisdom that comes from living longer than most.

In her first entry she lets us know it was her 95th birthday and she was given the gift of the blog by a "cheapo" of a grandson.

“When I saw my grandson using the Internet, it caught my attention.
“I said to myself 'What's this? You can find out about anything. I want to access the Internet too!'”

She blogs about everything from her experience during the Spanish Civil War to her opinions about current Spanish politics. People find her funny and accessible, and love to hear her first hand experiences on historic events.

The Internet has given her life, she said. She receives receives messages from places as diverse as Brazil, Russia and Japan.

"I think it's great that you can find everything there," she said. "You can read the news and about people's lives. It's the best discovery that I've made in my life."

To other other seniors this is her advice: Take up blogging.

“I was always talkative, but now I feel more wanted, embraced, because so many people write to me.”

Yaay! Way to go ... to all blogging grandmas and, grandpas too!

You can visit Amelia Amelia Lopez's blog "A mis 95 años / 95 years old blogger" here.

But you gotta take up Spanish to read it.

The Star has the story here:


acciaccatura said...

salam kak maria,
semasa mula-mula blog dulu, suami macam tak berapa suka. katanya,'pandai sangat ke menulis tu?'. maklumlah bahasa yang saya gunakan pun lintang pukang dan rojak. tapi sekarang dia kata keep writing.
memblog ni umpama satu terapi juga selepas kehilangan anak.

akan datang, mungkin orang tak kata lagi 'wow! you rock', tapi 'Wow! You Blog!' heee...

J.T. said...

A 95-year-old woman definitely has a lot of wisdom to impart, just like her peers. It is no wonder that some people gravitate towards the older folks.

I was too young when my grandfathers passed away but I have wished many times they could have lived past 90 years. I would have been old enough to appreciate them.

All is not lost, though. I still like to talk to older folks (they may not be my relatives but I appreciate them all the same) because I learn from them.

Pi Bani said...

The other Grandma Maria with a blog masih vogue lagi... ie Tok Mommy... hehehe...

Anyway, my grandma is 94 this year. I can't even begin to imagine her blogging...

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

acciaccatura: W'alakum salam. Same here. Hubby tak berapa galakkan sangat. Katanya cukup lah surf the net. Apa yang nak di blogkan. Dia takut kena saman kalau tersalah tulis. Banyanya syarat yang dia letakkan, "jangan tulis itu dan ini." Maklumlah dia bekas peguam. Tapi sekarang he's ok.

Elviza Michele said...

Hi Kak Ton,

I read about her sometimes ago and thought to myself, blogging really transcends all barriers...

Sorry to have missed the MRT today. Unfortunately, this is one Tuesday I cant take off!

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

J.T: What you've said is so true. With age comes wisdom.

That's the reason why some people, as you said, gravitate towards them, mostly to seek advice for the experience they've gone through.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi Pi: Lol @ The other Grandma Maria with a blog masih vogue lagi...

You know, my father couldnt even make the transition from using an ordinary typewriter to an electric one. He just refused to use the electric typewriter we bought him.

I just marvel at this 95-year-old lady.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

elviza: I must have missed this story earlier. Did it appear in any of the mainsream media?

You know why it caught my attention? It was a full-page story on Sunday Star,, (Nov 18) = last weekend.

Anyways, yes bloggin trancends ALL barriers.

We kinda missed you yesterday. Told the others you mght be late cus you were in the middle of a meeting.

Depa bersurai jam 5.40 petang, slightly earlier than last week.


kak ton,

woww... i don't know whether i'd live that long and if i did...whetehr i'd be able to blog!

trust you to spot a story like this!