Friday, 19 September 2008

Early retirement for Pak Lah?

This is what was reported by rocky’sbru and apanama - that Pak Lah might step down sooner than expected - rather is being forced to hand over the power of transition.

It seems the Umno Supreme Coumcil meeting held yesterday was the hottest ever that the party president had ever chaired. There were calls from council members for his early retirement.

According to blogger bigdog "Isu ‘Peralihan Kuasa’ merupakan agenda yang paling hangat dihujahkan oleh ahli MT UMNO yang hadir. Sumber menyebut bahawa PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah didesak untuk meletakan jawatan sebelum mesyuarat Bahagian UMNO bermula 9 Oktober ini."

Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was quoted after the council meeting as saying that many in the council “voiced the views and feelings of the grassroots that they want the transition to be done quickly but we will give him room to discuss this with Najib.”

Muhyiddin, who had called for an earlier transition than the June 2010 date, said his explanation as to why he had criticised Abdullah over the transition plan was well received by Abdullah. ( Read here and here).

And Umno Information chief Muhammad Taib said some supreme council members voiced their views on the possibility of having the power transition plan brought forward. (The Star : Supreme council members want speedier transition here ).

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anak bugis johor said...

i don't see that Pak Lah will easily handed over to najib, can he see, (ohh my God, he really can't), Najib is one pengecut politician, he never fight any battle in his political carrier, he never feel the pain, he that once sailed to Antartica with TDM begging the premiership to him instead of Pak Lah. You see in his eyes, he still have plenty to TDM, once he (or She) in power he will definitely ran to TDM & turn all the table in Putrajaya around like hell, Pak Lah & scores of his family member & cronies need to think about Perth retirement indefinitely. What about the extension of MRT & coaches contract to Scomies, KJ contract deals, etc etc etc. My proposal to Pak Lah is simple, look back at Altantuya case, everybody in town know who is Najib to Razak baginda, it really mind bogging that there is no relationship between both of them, & some more what the hell Razak involved in multi billion submarine dealing if not for ... , and who is the invisible hands that can instruct such high level people in PDRM to take the C4 out, deleted immigration information all that highly connection shits, anyways, who is Razak Baginda & why he is so powerful. Well Pak Lah should dig all this shits, turn around the table, & give the premiership to son in law, or whoever in UMNO it does not matter, if ever he want to avoid making same TDM mistakes in handing the premiership to him (eg pisang berbuah dua kali lah). :).Now Pak Lah is with the army, he can instruct army man digs all that shit holes. If only he is awake.

Lee said...

Looks like AAB has no choice but to hand over power to his deputy sooner than the agreed date.After all, the UMNO supreme council have decided!AAB
, as a lembik PM, may just decide to
to fade away, after the UMNO election.At least, then, he hope that his s-i-l will not fade away like him!

cuppa cake said...

Tunggu je lah. Biar dia buat keputusan sendiri. kalau dia nak lepas jawatan pun, dia kena pastikan penggantinya nanti betul2 mampu, takkan nak main lepas tangan macam tu je. Esok kalau orang yang ada pun tak dapat jalankan tugas dengan baik, huru hara juga nanti.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah would do a great national service if he were to leave today. He's not even suppose/competent to hold the PM post. Poor old man...he thought he could stay longer cos' his mind nothing could go wrong with smart Khairy around.

Goodbye Dollah...good riddance! There goes 5 years of nothing. Happy retirement.


Anonymous said...

If Pak Lah still wants to remain in power, he can take a leaf out of Mahathir's book. Under Mahathir UMNO split twice (Semangat 46 and PKR) all because of his desire to cling on to power, never mind what the grassroot thought. He single-handedly sacked his No 2 (Anwar) when Anwar was seen as a threat to him. Similarly, Pak Lah's No 2 is now a threat to him. Sack him and don't care abt the fate of UMNO. Mahathir didn't care and why shud Pak Lah care. After all, the poor performance in the recent GE was mainly due to baggage inherited frm Mahathir which unfortunately surfaced during Pak Lah's time.

frm: historian

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah will step down very soon, and Anwar will be ignored...

Lee said...

AAB's Agonising!

What's happening?
I thought everybody have agreed to the transition!
Why the deserting?
What I've done is for the Party's
It's really surprising!
After I had made all the accomodations!
On reflecting
I should have focus on the reformations!
Should I be contesting?
I dunno, it all depends on the nominations!
I'm not complaining!
As not many have the chance to lead a nation!
Maybe, I should be retiring
With the hope that people will remember my contributions!