Tuesday, 30 October 2007

What next...

Elviza sent me this message yesterday: "106 comments on your maiden postings. Am impressed!" mat salo earlier commented: "(over a 100! You're swamped!) this is gonna be the 'fastest grossing blog' -- ever! Please don't reply--it's gonna take ages just to read..." Lol! And finally, QueenB wrote, "baru blog dah 'fofular' gitu."

Going through the long list of postings, I realise that most of them are from bloggers that I know, the MRT (Mee Rebus Tuesday) regulars and friends I made at Nuraina's TWB (Tuesday With Bapa). So they are no strangers. Common courtesy, we call it. Mesti support Tok Mommy and give her a warm welcome, kan? Nanti dia merajuk & boikot tak mahu buat mi rebus lagi, padan muka! Lol!!

Indeed, the response to my blog has been overwhelming, to say the least. Rocky, being a former journalist, succeeded in diverting his fans to Tok Mommy's for the attention-grabber heading and Zorro (terima kasih and thank you, am honoured and humbled, sir), the write-up on me.

So I am a celebrity now! Fofular, maa. Ha ha ha, my reputation seems to precede me.

wanshana, a Law lecturer, who writes about her family and three adorable children in her blog, wherever you are , is "...SSOOOOO looking forward to my postings" and Sesat hopes that I write regularly and is "reserving a front-row seat.”

They are, well, curious to know what is it am going to write. How to live up to such expectation? Aduh! Pressure lagi!

But weren’t you a journalist? Constantly working under pressure to meet deadlines - easy wot! Yes, yes, yes... but that was ages ago.

Truth is I haven’t given much thought about it: what to write and how my blog is going to be.

"Be careful what you write," my significant other half advises me. "I know you. Don’t get carried away thinking that you have the freedom to write about anything and everything. Dont want you to get into trouble. Just be focussed." Wah, so many "dont's."

But, that's good advice coming from a a cautious retired lawyer who was once on the Bench.

Yes, I have a lot to say and write about, (ya, there will be a lot of rantings to borrow from marina). But, I think I will write whatever pleases me - that affects me as a mother and grandmother, an ordinary Malaysian and a rakyat biasa - at my own pace and time.

Now my kitchen beckons me...am gonna prepare something that I am, at least, known for-- kak ton's mee rebus. :)

And if you want to know. Today is MRT (mee rebus tuesday) day.


Pi Bani said...

Next thing you know, people go for your MRT and ask for your autograph... woohoo!



Today ada mee rebus!
I think I'll walk to your house today-lah from my ofis!

yum yum.....

mekyam said...

Dear Kak Ton,

Forget the pressure! Just handle this blog as an extension of your Mee Rebus sessions.

A mix of a wholesome menu, a delightful cook, an incredible Abg Ani, a congenial atmosphere and a network of interesting people and walla, you have a successful formula!

Proof: the regulars keep coming back and new people who hear about it can't wait to check it out.

Only thing you need add is to serve some verbal stew* to the curious in far-flug places, like mekyam!

* verbal stew = The highlights of those mee rebus orgies .. perhaps on the days after and .. hey whaddya know .. all your Wednesdays are taken care of! ;D

justme said...

Kak Maria!!!!!!!!

I sooo want to merajuk coz you didn't send me a heads-up about this blog of yours. :(

Tergerak hati nak pi visit your sister's blog then terbaca that Kak Ton dah ada blog. Heheheh ..... and here I am.

You must also story kat sini about Adam and co. ;)

And only Mee Rebus aah? No Bihun Goreng Singapore (with the kuah)? Hint .... hint ....

A good friend of mine baru pindah around your area. Dah dua kali I ke rumah dia. Teringat kat you bila kat situ.

And I take it you dah pi rumah baru our 'mutual relative'?

Soooooo ....... are you not gonna let 'the others' know of this blog of yours? ;)

Woi seh si luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya! Hehehehehe .....

mob1900 said...

Kak Maira,
We're indeed honoured to have distingushed veteran journalist such as yourself to join the blogosphere and share your thoughts with us. Your participation is a major win for all!

louisyap said...

Dear tok mommy,

nice blog :) lots of traffic in such a short time.

Random Blogger, Louis

adik said...

kak ton,

You'll figure out soon enuff what you really want to write about.

So dont feel pressured to wrote & please others.


maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Pi bani: They have to be bloggers first, baru boleh join MRT gathering. Lol!

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Ena: MRT loyalist. Eh tak fed up ke makan mee rebus setiap minggu?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Aunty maria,

When I first started, and being the great guys rocky and zorro are, they diverted their readers to Let’s Go Land. All the comments I received was overwhelming. So I guess we’re the very few privileged ones to get the timely support for that little morale-booster.

I may not be the right person to give you tips on what to write but here goes one anyway. Write on something that’s close to your heart, and the idea will just flow. I tried my hand on politics but got it totally messed up. I’m sticking to all things cacat as much as possible now..

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Mekyam: Interesting materials to work on. Lol.

Serious discusions aside, the dialogues and conversation, especially among the MRT elders are not for public viewing, unless of course, my blog is meant for adults only. Ha ha ha!

The bawdy jokes, which Zorro often regales us with, is what makes the gathering interesting. :)

I know, I know, u gonna say: so tell us abt it. :)

shanghaistephen said...

my dear maria,
once again "thank you" for the sumptous lunch you served today...particularly the green-pea bubor dessert ! worth driving all the way back from Seremban just for that ! thanks and cheers dear !

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Justme: I see you've registered under a new nick. Sorry, that is the only way to control my blog from being spammed.

Anyway, I meant to tell you. But you got here first. He he he!

Mi hoon spore? Ah, wht you meant is mee siam. I serve only what am good at. :)

Maybe the "others" dah tau pun. Oready informed Labu. He's been here. :)

Thanks for dropping by.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

mob1900: Thank you for yr kinds words.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Louis: I went to yr blog. You have a nice one. :)

All the best in yor SPM!

Sesat said...

Dear Kak Ton,

Pressure or no pressure, you have just whipped up a "sumptuous" piece of writing without breaking a sweat, hallmark of a distinguished veteran journalist (Mob1900's apt description), wouldn't you say?

Yes, I have a lot to say and write about, (ya, there will be a lot of rantings to borrow from marina ). But, I think I will write things that pleases me - that affects me as a mother and grandmother, an ordinary Malaysian and a rakyat biasa – at my own pace and time.

cakapaje said...


Ma'am, reading a comment or two here, did I thank you enough for the MRT last Tuesday? If I had not, please forgive me and accept my thank you.

By the way, perhaps you should make it MRT + Pot Luck! Anyway, that's how Matsalo informed me before I even stepped into your house that day.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

adik: Thanks for the advice.

I know that you're a regular at TWB, but I havent seen you there of late. Busy ke?

Elviza Michele said...

Fuyoo, dah terrer, siap ada kaler lain2 lagi (that one I also dont know how to do...dang!)

I missed you mee rebus today and you know why. Will definitely try to make it next week. InsyaAllah.

Did I miss a great party today?

Abu Rabu @ Ash Wednesday said...

Kak Ton

Orang yang baca blog ni semua belum tahu berapa terrer you were at 14.

No need for political discussion.

Cerita tahun enam puluhan pun cukup.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Kerp: Nothing wrong in sharing your experience and offering advice. You’ve been there, so to speak. Thanks.

Shanghaistephen: Glad you could make it, bro and all the way from work in Seremban.

Sesat: Thanks for the kind words.

Zawi said...

Dear Kak Ton,
My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw my name on your blogroll. I consider that as an honour of the highest order for a new blogger like me.
Please put up a picture of a bowl of steaming mee rebus for us to feast our eyes on. At least we can savour the sight from faraway places like Kelantan (minus the taste of course hehehehe). That will be good enough for us.

Raden Galoh said...

KakTon....I missed the boat...was down with viral fever then chestpain...when Elviza texted me about your new blog...sempat balas but tak sempat nak tgk...terbaring je...

Anyhow, I'm sooooo elated. Finally can now read what's boggling your mind..sure you'll put it into writing kan?

Tahniah...wah already a popular blog eh...way to go sis...


kak ton,

saya nak comment on cakapaje's comment:

not a bad idea, to have mee rebus + pot luck.
but not a good idea, either.
you see, us bloggers - except Sri Menanti - who go there, all want mee rebus.

sri menanti is allergic to udang kering in the mee rebus so he comes with his own packed nasi beriyani. he buys one packet for him and another for Kak Ton.

Then, Big Dog comes bearing Satay.

Sometimes, we bring fruits, Juice/bottled drink or chocolates.
But it's not pot luck.

there was one day we decided to not let Kak Ton cook, we forced her to ake a brek-- that's when he had pot luck.

anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

WANSHANA said...

Dear K.Ton,

Doesn't matter what exactly it is that you want to write on, I'm still SSOOOOO looking forward to your postings! Hehehe...

And HELLLLOOOOO to abu rabu @ ash wednesday! It has been a while, eh?

Hope to see a lot more of you here, and also at K.Ena's again ;D

Have been checking the chat lounge at TWB every now and then, but selalu "no user online"... Wrong timing maybe?

Take care, K.Ton.

Take care, abu rabu @ ash wednesday.

Elviza Michele said...

But but Kak Ena, I come bearing Benson & Hedges. That doesnt count as pot luck huh?

Must bribe mama to cook something next tuesday. Kalau I yang masak, abis food poisoning semua blogger hahahahaah!

Kak Ton, I keep thinking about what Rocky says in his posting about yoyr blog: "if you think you can get the recipe for the mee rebus, go fly off to space in a soyuz."

Oh, how true!

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Cakapaje: You already did on your way out.

Regarding your suggestion, I tend to agree with kak ena.

You are welcome to bring along “buah tangan”, like fruits or drinks. But that isn't "pot-luck".

I say this with all sincerity, please don't trouble yourself bringing food unless you are like blogger sri menanti who’s allergic to "udang", which in an important ingredient in mee rebus.

Thanks, anyway. :)

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Elviza: Cewah, not bad huh? Am learning...picking up slowly. He he he.

How's Luqman? Hope he's getting better.

You were greatly missed yesterday, so was dalilah ( said she was down with viral fever) and norzu.

See you next week?

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Abu rabu@ ash wednesday: Yo Med, me terrer at 14? What you talking about? I cant recall doing things out of the ordinary.

Dating? Partying? Or sneaking out to see abg ani whenever he passed our house on his Lambretta? Lol!

P/s. You sound kinda strange writing in BM.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

zawi: You're not a newcomer, you started earlier than me cuz I have been to your blog - but I've never left a comment. I enjoy reading about you & your family because I feel connected being a parent and an atuk myself. :)

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

raden galoh: How are you feeling? Hope you getting better. Was wondering why you didnt turn up. Rupa2nya tak sihat.

Hope you are well rested. Bila habis cuti & mula kerja?

Take care!

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

ena: ditto what you say. Agree.

wanshana: Sorry to have missed you, ayah & the kids at my dad's place last week. We abg (Med & I) did ask k.ena abt you. Tunggulah, she said. Unfortunately I couldnt. My daughter was also holding open hse the same day. Tak ada rezeki. Next time, Insya Allah.

okaylah tunggu aje, my next entry. Ini yang amat merisaukan. hehehe.

abg Med says he has no time to blog. Maybe next year. I do go to the chatroom hoping to see u or kea. But nobody seems to be around. I thought maybe you're very busy (baca yr entry di mana kan ku cari ganti -- you must be the very busy bu!). Also your latest entry. Waah, Kiasu mom! Tabik spring k. ton to you. Dapat bimbing anak2 menjadi pelajar2 cemerlang. One tough act to follow. Tahniah to Hanna, Hasya and Hilman.

Anyways, thanks for visiting, wanshana.

Elviza. You dont have to bring anything else - just those 2 packets. They cost more than 16 ringgit - price of three bowls of mee rebus. Hehehe. Tak per, bawa aje kotak2 itu sebagai "buah tangan" untuk Tok Mommy. Lol! Terima kasih.

Sesat said...

Permisi lagi Kak Ton, have to return to the comment box to clean up the mess (the wayward and incomplete bit at the end) I left the last time I was here, blame it on the haste in clicking the "publish" button, or faster finger than brain :-)

Here goes take-two....

Tok Mommy said:
"Yes, I have a lot to say and write about, (ya, there will be a lot of rantings to borrow from marina ). But, I think I will write things that pleases me - that affects me as a mother and grandmother, an ordinary Malaysian and a rakyat biasa – at my own pace and time."

Amen to that...

tokasid said...

Salam Tok Mommy:

Memang dah fofular.
Yes, just write what is close to your heart.Anything, yuo already have a legion of fans.

Other veterans like Awang Goneng wrote about GUIT which is excellent esp for us young bloggers( memang saya muda lagi), and Kak teh too wrote something clse to her.

Kak Ena and Rocky gave us the political storms in Malaysia.

If Bang Med decide to blog, he can write about music( buat macam review pun tak apa).

You take your own pace( but don't take too long sampai kami tunggu kucing bertanduk ye..heh3)

ahiruDin aTTan said...

Maria @ Kak Ton,

Ah, mi rebus. Did you know that an editor friend of an English daily asked if he could get his Sunday paper team to do a feature article on the Mi Rebus Tuesday. He's heard and read (on the blogs) so much about the bloggers' mi rebus and decided that Kak Ton's mi rebus must be "terer macam nak giler".

You know what that means? That means MRT has reached a stage of being, in journo-speak, "newsworthy".

If Brad Pitt comes to town, that's newsworthy. If Zaid Ibrahim leaves Umno for Keadilan, that's newsworthy.

Ok, ok .. I am bragging about MRT.

But I need to so as to remind people - including Kak Ton - that I go to Kelana Jaya for two reasons, and the first reason is for the MI REBUS.

The second reason is to see my blogger friends and our gracious hosts.

IBU said...

I'm eagerly waiting for the Mawi episode!

mekyam said...

Abu Rabu @ Ash Wednesday said: Orang yang baca blog ni semua belum tahu berapa terrer you were at 14.

Aha! I knew Abg Med senyap senyap, tapi ngendap. :D

Whip out gambar Kak Ton dgn seluar bell-bottom tu, ya Abg Med!

Kak Ton... Terrer at 14, Sexy in Post Teen and now... [drumrolls] Popular Grandmommy a Blog-Postin'! Yay!

J.T. said...

Hi Kak Ton

I second Zawi's suggestion about putting up a picture of a bowl of steaming mee rebus. I agree with him that savouring the sight is good enough for us. Well ... at least, for me, it is a temporary fix. :D



kak ton as a teenager suka posing depan camera. Abang Med was the ever-willing photographer.

we all, the adik2, were the (ONLY) audience.

and Kak Ton suka bergayut on the phone.....

typical, kaan?

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Seat: Yes, I thought it was incomplete. Thanks again.

Tokasi: Will do that. Terima kasih atas nasihat sdr.

Ahirudin aka rocky. I hear you, bro. Thank you.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

ibu: That has to wait lah. But this is a teaser. Among the contenders for the Award were Dr Mahathir, Maya Karin and Nicole David and...Patrick Lim (Badawi). He he he.
Oh I forgot, the PM too.


Mekyam: Aha! I knew Abg Med senyap senyap, tapi ngendap. :D


Actually, he didnt know of my blog until I met him last Saurday and told him about it.

Zaman kak ton, the early 60s, it was considered so elegant to have the bee-hive hair style. But I never find that look cool.

Bell bottom tu actually was zaman ena, Olin and arwah eda.

Mine was the Shrimp Look. Semua teenagers wanted to look like Twiggy (mini dress, fake double eyelashes was a must, pale lipstick, etc).

You could save money & material with a mini dress. With just a 3/4 yard (we hadnt gone metric yet) piece of material you could already have a dress. Simple sleeveless dress - a shift. he he he.

How to look sexy lah. My chest was like an aerodrome -planes could land on it without much problem. :)

J.T. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I will do that. Snap a pix of my mee rebus & put it on my page. Lol!

tya said...

nice entry