Saturday, 22 December 2007

Floods worsening in Pahang

The flood situation in Pahang and Kedah is worsening. More people had been evacuated yesterday. In the meantime, the situation in Terengganu, Kelantan and Johor has improved.

In PAHANG, the number of evacuees rose to 16,791 from 3,621 families at 90 relief centres as at 4.30pm ysterday from 16,637 in the morning.

Pekan has the highest number of evacuees at 9,700 followed by Maran (3,290), Rompin (1,569), Bera (1,125), Kuantan (1,019) and Temerloh (88), according to a Pahang police spokesman.

Jalan Pekan-Kuantan at Km19, Jalan Pekan-Muadzam Shah (Km8) and Temerloh-Maran trunk road are closed to all vehicles, while Jalan Muadzam Shah-Rompin and Temerloh-Triang are closed to light vehicles. Bernama has more: here

Marina Mahathir received an urgent sms from a friend appealing for help for the flood victims in Pahang.

The floods are getting worse especially in Pekan area. 8000 people are stranded and the roads have been cut off. Not sure how they are going to get supplies to the Pekanites but these are items they need:

diapers, baby milk, sanitary pads, eggs, canned food, rice, sugar, water, other foodstuffs, candles and torchlights, clothing.

Those living in KL, please deliver your contributions to the Flood Relief Centre at Istana Pahang, Persiaran Raja Chulan, KL. Please contact Dato Nordin at 012-988-9149 or 012-900-7068."

Pix: Courtesy of Pasquale


orang lama said...

I wonder where Pak Lah is. Has he gone to Perth for his annual vacation with his family? Would he dare after the blunder he made last year?

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
Let us all pray that the rain stop soon and ease the suffering of those affected by the flood.
A close friend from Segamat called to tell me he got hit again this year after experiencing a bad one last year.
Though he was prepared this year, he was hit by the second wave which was never expected at all. What luck.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

orang lama,

I think Pak Lah is in the country.

According to a Bernama report he visited a flood relief centre at Sekolah Kebangsaan Gunong near A. Star yesterday.

It would confirm his stupidity if he had gone to Perth like he did last year when Johor was under floods.

That'd be political suicide mah!

U.Lee said...

Hi Kak Ton, regret to read your this post of the flood situation.
Hope the situation will improve soon and everyone safe.
Hope you and your family are well, Kak Ton.
Seasons greetings to you and family and a very happy new year.
With best regards, Lee.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi Zawi,

Floods play havoc every year, especially the ones which occur mainly during the rainy season.

Apart form causing landslides, floods also damage infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings, and hurt agricultural productivity because of lost crops and soil erosion.

I can imagine the sufferings the same people in the same areas are going through annually because of the floods caused by monsoon seasons.

The main reasons for floods in theses areas apart from heavy rains, are deforestation and erosion of the riverbanks, causing the river to become shallower.

I believe money spent on unnecessary projects should be reduced and spent on flood prevention.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi lee,

According to Bernama the situation in flood-stricken Pahang, Kelantan, Kedah and Johor is improving, with more evacuees returning home.

Relief centres in other flood-hit districts were closed yesterday following the return of evacuees.

Thank God for that.

We are in KL, Petaling Jaya, to be precise. Luckily for us, its not a flood-prone area.

Season's greetings to you and our family, lee.

You take care & God Bless.

Hi&Lo said...

Salam Kak Ton,

Malaysia is a very blessed land with no major disasters. However, ours are mostly man-made- devt without regard to environment at our own peril. Unfortuantely, it's the common people that suffer most of the time. It saddens me that they have to bear all the hardship and costs.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi hi&lo

My sentiments exactly.

Greed plays a great part when developers cut down tress indiscriminately in the name of development without regard for our environment.

Yes, sad indeed, when the common people have to suffer.