Sunday, 2 December 2007

We lit a candle ...

...on Saffron Sunday to show that we care

We had a small gathering at my dad's place in section 16 to mark Saffron Sunday. My sister, Nuraina, is seen distributing candles to our nieces and nephews

Lighting the candles

Holding hands (from left Mariam, Nuraina, Afizuddin, Amalina and Syaira)

in solidarity
The lil' ones, Nik Aina Sofia (10) and Nik Aida Soraya (6)

Adam (8), Farhan (6) and Heikal(7) joined the gathering

... to show their support too.

photos by maria samad


adik said...

Hi kak ton,

Cantik gambar-gambar. Macam hendak meyambut raya pula. :)

zorro said...

So edifying, the adults and the kids. Very proud of you all.