Friday, 10 October 2008

Muhyiddin goes for No. 2 spot - Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini reports that Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced this morning that he will go for the no. 2 post in the party election in March.

"My chances are very good. I am confident of winning." - Muhyiddin

Muhyiddin checks in for No 2 spot
Oct 10, 08 8:56am

Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin has declared his candidacy for the deputy president’s post in the party elections next March.

“With the support of Umno leaders, I am confident of winning,” he told a packed press conference in a Putrajaya hotel this morning.

“My chances are very good. Insha' Allah with the support from delegates and leaders - some of them are here to give moral support - I will be able to make it,” he added.

Some 40 divisional leaders, mainly from Johor and Pahang, were with him at the press conference.

Muhyiddin is a former Johor mentri besar and has served as the MP for Pagoh in Johor for several terms.

The international trade and industry minister’s announcement did not come as a surprise. The 61-year-old Umno stalwart has been touted as the best running mate for prime minister-designate Najib Abdul Razak who announced his candidacy for the president’s post yesterday.

Asked if he was Najib’s running mate, Muhyiddin replied, “that is not for me to say”.

However, he said his decision to contest was based on the belief that Najib will become the new party president.

“My decision to contest was made after considering my strong belief that Umno will be led by Najib as the new president because the party needs a strong and united leadership to face current challenges,” he said.

Muhyiddin also expressed confidence that he would have a good working relationship with Najib if he (Muhyiddin) was elected deputy president as “I have been working with him for a long time.”

Two days ago, party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi confirmed that he would not be defending his post, and has designated Najib as his ideal successor.

Apart from Muhyiddin, other leaders going for the No 2 slot are vice-president Mohd Ali Rustam, Umno information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib and newcomer Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

By convention, the deputy president of the party also becomes the deputy prime minister.

Restore confidence in Umno

Muhyiddin was confident that his partnership with Najib would be able to regain the people’s trust and confidence towards Umno.

“It is important that we have a strong, united stand to (make that happen),” he said.

Muhyiddin was also the first Umno leader to request that Abdullah steps down earlier than 2010 and has since been labelled as the most ‘vocal’ among the Umno hierarchy.

He however asserted that he would only be vocal towards Najib if there are pressing issues that needed to be addressed if they were to work together.

“I think it is not a matter of being vocal. I have never been vocal. I was of course (only being vocal) for a reason as I was actually concerned for the Malays and Malaysians on what’s happening in the country,” he said.

One of Johor's most famous sons, Muhyiddin can expect a smooth trail in garnering nominations for his bid. Johor has the most number of Umno divisions - 27.

If all 27 divisions nominate him, he only needs 11 others to put his name up for contest.

On fellow Johorean Nur Jazlan's bid for the same position, Muhyiddin brushed aside the notion that Johor votes would be split between them.

“I do not think so. I may also get some votes from that (Jazlan’s) division too,” he said with a laugh.

Asked what makes him stand out from the other deputy presidential contenders, Muhyiddin replied tongue-in cheek, “because I am Muhyiddin Yassin,” drawing laughter and cheers from supporters present.

Earlier report:

Umno vice president Muhyiddin Yassin this morning announced that he would be contesting for the deputy president post in the party polls next March.

"My chances are very good. I am confident of winning," he told reporters, accompanied by about 30 party leaders.

His announcement did not come as a surprise as it was expected that he would be the ideal running mate for Prime Minister-designate Najib Abdul Razak.Najib offered himself for the top post yesterday.

Party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is not defending his post and has agreed to hand over powers to Najib, if he wins the party polls, next March.

Apart from Muhyiddin, the other big guns going for the No 2 slot are vice president Mohd Ali Rustam, Umno information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib and newcomer Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

By convention the deputy president of the party also becomes the deputy prime minister. - Malaysiakini

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Gerobok Kecil said...

just to list the names of candidates... najib, ali rustam, mat taib, khir toyo, KJ, mukhriz... they claimed that the grass roots 'want' them. And these names will become the 'somebody' who will run the country.

Guys... i am no politician or a member of any political party. I'm the taxpayer and one of the rakyat in Malaysia but remember this... i don't pay tax for your wife, your children, your brothers and sisters, your parents, your business friends, your spin doctors, your runners, your machai and other yours. I pay so that you can work comfortably, sincerely and all those angelic 'ly'.

Don't say you understand the difficulties of the common rakyat when you are wearing 'Patek' and all those watches published in 'The Edge".

Don't 'jabat salam' with the people when your eyes are looking somewhere.

Don't 'tarik muka' when you are not entertained as VVVIP when attending rakyat events.

Don't give 'penyapu' to people and arrogantly say 'You have to be cruel just to show that you are kind'.

Don't ask your 'machai' to establish armies of PAs just to take care of your wife and children when you go everywhere.

Don't ask all the government servants to 'penuhkan dewan' and leave all daily works just to hear and see a clown on stage.

Don't just simply say what you have in your brain just because you in power and have a 'sindiran-conversation' against a person who don't share the same opinion.

Don't say you love the rakyat when you don't live like the rakyat.

And finally. please...

We want a rakyat leader... not an arrogant clown

mamasita said...

Wow!The UMNO delegates for this coming March elections are going to be really really loaded selling their votes to the highest bidder for all the contested posts!Boleh tukar kereta baru oi!From top to toe,all those contesting have no problem flooding and drowning the delegates with money..except the Kpg. Ubai guy lah!Don't know how hes contesting if hes not even a delegate!Kesian!

mamasita said...
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anak Johor said...

I think TS Muhyiddin can easily garner the 38 nominations needed to contest for the deputy president post.

And I hope he wins.

He's the best candidate among the aspirants for the post.

He has already the support of 40 divisions from his home state and Pahang, an excess of two nominations.

He has already been nominated to the post by the Machang Umno division in Kelantan.

All the best to TS Muhyiddin.

Mr. X said...

New Polls on UMNO: -
1. Should Members of Barisan Nasional converge to form a Single MULTIRACIAL Party?
2. Who do you want as the new Youth Chief for UMNO?
3. Who do you want as the new Deputy President for UMNO?

Anonymous said...

Dato' Ali Rustam is one up against him...He's given shah Rukh Khan a Dato' which has made Rosmah very happy...And as Najib used to say if my wife is happy, I am happy.

Happy Wife