Friday, 17 October 2008

Zaki is new CJ

The Rulers Conference meeting in Kuala Terengganu yesterday has consented to the appointment of Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi to the post of Chief Justice of the Federal Court.

Zaki replaces Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamed who retires today. His elevation comes just one year after his appointment as a Federal Court judge.

A former legal counsel for Umno who had also served on the party's Disciplinary Committee, Zaki is the first ever person elevated directly from the Bar to the Federal Court.


Rulers nominate Zaki as new CJ
K Kabilan Oct 16, 08 5:47pm

The Conference of Rulers has today decided to stick to convention and name Court of Appeal president Zaki Azmi as the new chief justice to replace the retiring Abdul Hamid Mohamad.

The decision was made in Kuala Terengganu today, sources told Malaysiakini.

Abdul Hamid will retire tomorrow and Zaki, who is the second most senior person in the judiciary, will now assume the top post.

The federal constitution provides for the rulers to appoint the chief justice on the advice of the prime minister.

The appointment, yet to be made official, will surely cause an uproar following Zaki's previous links with Umno.

He was only appointed to the Federal Court last September and two months later he was made Court of Appeal president.

He is 63 and will be at the helm for at least three year unless his tenure is extended by the government.

The rulers also agreed to nominate Chief Judge of Malaya Alauddin Mohd Sheriff to replace Zaki as the Court of Appeal president.

Similarly Federal Court judge Arifin Zakaria has been nominated to be the new chief judge of Malaya. - Malaysiakini

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Malaysiangate said...

Hope there is something new he bring out of him
Razak-Next Prime Minsiter?

anak malaysia said...

I suppose with such an "impeccable" record, it's inevitable that he is elevated to the highest post in the judiciary.

God save negara ku!

Lee said...

Looks like one of the PM's reforms is going down the drain!Two more basic reforms remain: The Independent Anti-Corruption Commission and the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints
And Misconducts Commission)As had been decided there is unlikely to be any reforms in the Judiciary!With the possibility of the present PM exiting the political scene soon, even the remaining two reforms as promised by Pak Lah may not be established, let alone implemented!

Anonymous said...

WHo are you all to question the credibilities of RULERS COUNCIL in giving consent to New CJ??

WHo in all is qualified as CJ?? Everybody do support a party and an ideology so what? If you are a good lawyer you can win anything..

If credibility come into hand,why some of you lawyer defend someone who been accuse murder or rape?? Just for the sake of justice?? What justice you are talking or barking about if you in the name of freedom of speach telling lies about me and hurt my feeling??

I think thats is what people in newspapers and blogs is practicing.. especially in blog what i read through out all blog most all expreasing and accusing just with the hearsay and speculation information..

Back to the appointment of CJ.. if the Commissions is set up can you assure the Rulers Council will accept it??

So suck it up guys.. one more think those buggers who they called themselves BAR COUNCIL are also not NEUTRAL as they also A MEMBER OF A POLITICAL PARTY..

And can anybody list down what are the "impeccable" record that the new CJ have??