Thursday, 16 April 2009

Another by-election...?

This time it will be in Penanti - and the sixth by-election since the 2008 GE - now that Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has finally decided to quit as its state assemblyman a week after resigning as Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1 and executive councillor.

The embattled politician, who is under probe for corruption, announced today that he is stepping down as Penanti assemblyman “after giving due consideration and in the interest of the people.”

“I have decided for the sake of protecting PKR to resign as the Penanti state representative effective today," he said in a statement issued by PKR's information bureau.

But there is no confirmation from Fairus himself as he could not be contacted. [Click here to see full statement]

However, Penang legislative assembly speaker Abdul Halim Hussain confirmed receiving Mohammad Fairus' resignation letter.

In a press conference at his office this afternoon, Abdul Halim said he received the letter earlier today adding that all necessary arrangements were being made for a by-election.

Fairuz, 33 said in his statement that is planning to pursue his education and wants to spend more time with his family.

With Fairuz's resignation, the Election Commission (EC) is required to call for a by-election for the state seat within 60 days of being informed by the speaker of the State Assembly.

The Penanti seat is under the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency, held by PKR's leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. It has an electorate of 15,421 - of which 70% areMalays, 26.7% Chinese and 2.7% Indians.


aku said...

aku sebagai rakyat biasa sudah bosan dengan telatah & perangai adun PKR atas tindakan mereka.

Asysik2 letak jawatan kerana masalah peribadi dan terpaksa diadakan pilihan raya kecil.

Membuang masa dan membuangkan duit ketika ekonomi negara merundung.

Enough is enoughlah.

PKR lain kali carilah calon yang betul2 ingin berkhidmat untuk negara bukan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.

fed-up said...

Me too. Muak dan bosan dengan gelagat these PKR people.

Aku dah bosan dgn by-elections. Dah enam kali.

Letak jawatan and hold by-elections. Macam tak de kerja lain.

Buang duit dan buang masa.

Depa lupa, rakyat sekarang hidup susah, ada yang dah hilang kerja.

Next time choose candidates who have integrity. Do a thorough backround check-up. Screen them properly.

i support Pakatan Rakyat said...

PKR is doing the right thing. If Fairuz failed to deliver, he must quit. OK lah, pressure him to quit.

Unlike in Um-no. A CM found guilty of breaking the campaign ethics, could still run the state.

The son-in-law found guilty of same offence, could contest in the party election.

You're doing the right thing PKR. Way to go!!!

ali setan said...

So when is Ali Rustam going to resign?

Anonymous said...

Fairuz is too young and inexperienced lah that's why he made a boo boo of his position. But at least he got the balls to resign from all the posts he was holding.

Cant say much about those corrupt BN/Umno leaders who cling on to their positions refusing to let go.

Anonymous said...
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ambo said...

True. All the problems in Pakatan seems to be coming from PKR. Tak habih habih.

Next time choose your candidate properly. Such a waste of time having to go through another by-election, waste of public's money too during this hard times.

What are they thinking.

anak mami said...

Sick & tired of this political game by the F..katan Rakyat, especially the PKR.