Monday, 26 January 2009

Al Fatiha: Arena Wati (1925-2009)

National laureate Muhammad Dahlan Abdul Baing, better known as Arena Wati, died at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital (HUKM) in Cheras at 1.40am Sunday, from lung cancer. He was 84.

Pak Arena Wati was laid to rest at 3pm yesterday at the Bukit Kiara Muslim cemetery, according to Bernama.

Allahyarham had been treated at HUKM since Sept 20. His wife Halimah Sulong and two of his children, Ratna Siti Akbari and Hasanuddin, were at his bedside when he breathed his last.

He also leaves four other children, Rahmah Wati, Hirianty, Ilhamuddin and Kamaluddin Rostor.

Arena Wati, was born on July 30, 1925 in Kalumpang Kabupatan, Jeneponto, Makasar, Indonesia and went to a Dutch school in Makasar before it was closed when the war broke out.

He had used other pen names such as Duta Muda and Patria. He won several awards like the SEA Write Award (1985) and made a national laureate (1988) forhis works.

Arena Wati had also entered the journalistic world in 1954 and was once an editor at Pustaka Antara.

Among his many works were Eno (1985), Syair Pangeran Syarif (1989), Syair Pangeran Syarif Hasyim Al-Qudsi (1989), Syair Perang Cina Di Monterado (1989, Burung Badai (1990), Turina (1991) and Citra (1991).

The others include Memoir Arena Wati Enda Gulingku (1991), Ombak Samudera(1992), Meniti Kala (1993), Panrita (1993), Sudara (1994), Mevrouw Toga (1995, Begawan (1996, Koleksi Terpilih Arena Wati (1996, Sukma Angin (1999,Getar-Getir Maya Kumpulan Cerpen (2000, Trilogi Busa (2002).

He also wrote Armageddon (2004), Kutukan Dari Langit (2004), Langkah Pertama Kumpulan Cerpen Awal 1954-1959 (2004, 7 Tegak Bersama (2005), Warna Sukma Usia Muda (2005) and Cakra Waruga (2006).

Most of his writings revolve around the struggles of people from the lower stratum of society and the championing of the lot of the disadvantaged or oppressed. - Bernama


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