Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sime Darby drops IJN plan - Malaysiakini

Sime Darby Berhad today announced that it would not pursue its ambitious plan to take over the National Heart Institute (IJN), according to a Malaysiakini report .

The multinational company said that the decision was made after taking into consideration the "public sentiment and feedback" on the matter.

The group's chief executive officer and president Ahmad Zubir Murshid said in a statement today that the company has to respect the "wishes of the rakyat" for IJN to remain in its present structure.

He said that the company had written to the government in August expressing interest in a partnership that would be "mutually beneficial in extending the scope and scale of operations of Sime Darby Healthcare and IJN".

The government however, although initially agreed in principle with the proposal, said that it had deferred its decision to allow Sime Darby to begin negotiations with the Finance Ministry on taking a 51 percent stake in IJN.

A strong public outcry, including from the specialists working in IJN, is believed to have reversed the government's decision.

Among the main concerns raised included the possibility of Sime Darby increasing the fee structure at the institute.

On Dec 19, deputy premier Najib Abdul Razak said the deal has been put on hold until an in-depth study is conducted by the relevant ministries.The institute was carved out of the Kuala Lumpur general hospital in 1992.

Specialising in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, it has provided speedy, efficient and affordable treatment. - Malaysiakini.

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Jeffripower said...

Saya pun ada dengar berkenaan pembatalan penswastaan atau pembelian IJN oleh Sime Darby. Ini adalah satu berita baik dan gembira buat semua rakyat Malaysia. Sekurang-kurangnya bantahan rakyat Malaysia didengar oleh pihak yang terbabit. Apapun diharap perkara ini benar dan bukan retorik semata-mata...