Monday, 5 January 2009

Gaza burns as Israel intensifies attack...

Smoke from the three-day Israeli air strike over Gaza

At least a dozen Palestinian civilians have been killed on Monday as Israeli forces pushed deeper into the Gaza Strip, medical sources say.

The latest total death count in Gaza stands at 531 people killed and more than 2,000 injured across 10 days, with more than 80 deaths since the ground offensive began two days ago. Overnight and Monday morning air raids were reported in open fields in east Jabaliya, Beit Lahiya and in the Shati refugee camp. Among the dead was a family of seven at Shati refugee camp, who were killed by navy shelling off the coast of Gaza.

As Israeli troops advanced in their ground invasion supported by military helicopters that sporadically dropped bombs and caused mass panic as frantic families fled by car or on foot.

Artillery shells explode over Gaza as Israeli forces invade Gaza. Troops, backed by air and naval support, are reported to have surrounded Gaza City. And with soldiers positioned on the north-south road at Netzarim, the besieged territory has been split into two, effectively blocking Palestinian supply lines.

The Israeli government officials claim they are not targeting civilians, only seeking to halt rocket fire from the Palestinian Hamas movement governing Gaza. But pictures on the ground tell a different story. It is all in the name of self-defence, claim the Israelis.

But in the occupied West Bank, where Palestinians rallied for a third day of protests, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a man, Palestinian medical sources said.

Mufid Saleh Walweel, 22, was shot in the head in the West Bank city of Qalqilya during a protest against Israel's military operation in the Gaza Strip.

As always, children are the victims... (AFP photo).

Streets remained deserted in Gaza City, capital of the battered and densely populated Palestinian territory, as it was encircled by Israeli forces cutting off the main access roads.

Stores were shuttered and long queues formed outside the few open bakeries, with those residents who decided to stay stocking up on goods for fear of a protracted conflict.

The first night of Israel's ground invasion, Gaza was blasted with explosives from both air and sea .

Artillery shells rained down along the border, tanks firing in support of advancing infantry units in the northern Gaza Strip, and Hamas retaliated with mortar rounds and by setting off roadside bombs.

Aid agencies have condemned Israeli Foreign Minister Livni who claimed there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza where 1.5 million people, are already suffering shortages of fuel, food and medical supplies due to a two-year economic blockade imposed by Israel.

Egypt has also completely closed the Rafah crossing, cutting off aid supplies to the territory.

About 250,000 people in the northern part of Gaza are also reported to be without electricity. The main power plant has been shut down for lack of fuel due to Israel's blockade.


I'm outraged and angry as I watch helplessly at the TV in front of me showing the carnage going on in Gaza. At the last count, Israeli's bomb had killed 530 Palestinians and injured 2,450 injured since its assault on Gaza last Saturday.

The death toll and the number of those injured are most likely to rise. Hospitals in Gaza are running with no electricity. There is shortage of medical supplies and the injured are being treated on the floor because there are not enough beds and space. And many are dying while waiting to be treated...the majority of them civilians.

Despite the Israelis assurance that civilians are not their target, 20 per cent of those killed were children and women.

Israeli's well-oiled PR machinery has been working overtime. It is a fight to defend itself and it is Israel's war against "Terror" and the terrorists (Hamas) ... always claiming that it is the victim, not the aggressor.

What about the Palestinians right? Their right to defend itself ? You cut off a group of people from the outside world by militarily occupying their land and force them into a state of destitution and then are surprised when they reacted the way they did?

The majority of the families of the people now living in Gaza, one of the most densely populated strip of land on this face of the earth - were from what is now called Israel. They were driven to Gaza to pave the way for the establishment of a Jewish State/homeland , Israel in 1948, for Jews dispersed all over the world. But the Jews claim, the land is theirs by right given by God because they are the Chosen people.

Much has been made of Hamas firing rockets at Israel, but who has been counting how many missiles Israel has fired at Gaza over the past six years? The fact that 3,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli attacks against 30 Israeli deaths suggest that there are many more then 6,000 Israeli missile attacks.

The Israeli reaction now is based purely on posturing for their own elections combined with the certainty that Bush will let them do whatever they want.

During the so-called truce, Israel put up blockades to stop almost all essential goods - food and medicine - from getting into Gaza which angered Hamas who then started firing rockets. The shelling did not kill a single Israeli. Now Israel has decided to bomb any building in Gaza it deems as a 'Hamas institution' - which include mosques, institutions of higher learning, hospitals and refugee camps - to clear that strip of land of "terrorists".

And the US says Hamas is reponsible for the deaths of the Palestinians.

While the killing continues, Israel has closed the Gaza borders to the outside world.

Israel will continue with the carnage as long as there is no word from the White say enough is enough.

Am not surprised. Are you?

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Anonymous said...

I dont think Prsident-elect Barak Obama will make much difference to the US foreign policy is concermed with regards to its treatment of the Palestine. Would he dare?

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Sorry I accidentally deleted yr comment. Have copied and pasted it here.

dougjn has left a new comment on your post "Gaza burns as Israel intensifies attack...":


Gazans are getting what they so richly deserve. Now they're whining to the liberal world about it. Meanwhile, they're thoroughly alienated almost all Sunni Arab governments, having elected and continuing to support Hamas which is client to Iran. They elected a government dedicated to killing Jewish civilians, and now cry "unjust" when many of their own end up dying as Israel targets hamas, while ignoring gazan "civilian" human shields.


I'm not jewish and always opposed the settlements in territories Israel conquored in the 1967 war, esp. post the mid 90s when Palestinians where then finally negotiating. I know there's a sizeable Israeli right wing that wants land grab and retain forever pure and simple and a middle that isn't inclined to fight them too much, much of the time.

I also know that Hamas is the main reason they retain what pull they still have now, whereas the maj. of Israelis really would trade settlements, or a lot of them, for peace. Hell they pulled out of Gaza (admittedly something of an over pop. hellhole) completely.

Yet Hamas became even more terrorist inclined, slowed only by (necessary) border closings from more suicide attacks.

Gazans, you brought this on yourself and I have very little sympathy. Get rid of Hamas and everything would change enormously. Not the Israeli right wing but their influence and the end result.

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Posted by dougjn to Tok Mommy at 3:10:00 AM

cowboy Joe said...

Hell they pulled out of Gaza (admittedly something of an over pop. hellhole) completely.

Israel may have pulled out the settlers from Gaza, but they retained control of its airspace, seaports and borders.

They (Israelis)have been killing Gazans at will & strangulating their economy.

Peace will come when Palestinians have sel-determination.

Anonymous said...

This isnt a war. It is genocide.

Hamas, the only democratically elected government in the Arab world isnt allowed to respond to the blockade which is starving its people, but Israel is allowed to kill 531 Palestinians in what claim as its right to defend itself from the terrorist organisation, Hamas.

Israel should stop claiming itself to be a victim. It is the one who has been bullying the Palestinians for decades especially with the support of the US.

nt war said...

No, I'm not surprised.

Israel Department of War says about the invasion of Gaza:

"The floggings will continue, until morale improves."

So what does it tell you?

pemerhati said...

Yet Hamas became even more terrorist inclined, slowed only by (necessary) border closings from more suicide attacks.

How is it that when Israel fires missiles into a captive population, that has no reasonable means of self defense, and kills hundreds of people, that is not terrorism? Also, we should remember that Palestinians continue to be killed on almost a daily basis by the Israeli army in the occupied West Bank, and there are no rockets being fired from there. I am tired of Israel violating cease fires and killing civilians and then telling the world that everything they do is self defense.

muslimah said...

“Gazans, you brought this on yourself and I have very little sympathy. Get rid of Hamas and everything would change enormously..."

As far as i know, HAMAS was democratically elected by the Palestinian people and therefore the only legitimate leadership in Palestine, a country under illegal ocupation since 1948.

Hamas as well as the rest of the Palestinians have the right and the obligation to resist the ocupation in every possible way.

They are fighting the real terrorists in the Middle East - the zionists.

puteri said...


Israel is the occupier. It is Israel that is the abuser and has been committing War Crimes for the past 60 years.

Doesnt make sense that Hamas is not allowed to response to blockades which have been starvng the Palestinians in Gaza but Israel is allowed to kill more than 500 in this so call war of "self-defence".

Anonymous said...

The state of Israel has NEVER stopped targeted killings and there has never been a cease fire.

In fact, Israel has created a hostile enclave of Gaza, by its only randomly opening of its control of every border crossing around Gaza, going as far as intentionally ramming sea borne volunteer aid shipments, blocking supplies of basic necessities, food, fuel for heating and cooking, medical supplies and human rights.

Now tell me, who is the terrorist? Who is the bully? Who is the aggressor?

Anonymous said...

This is not a fair figth.

Israel is a country that is equipped with the most sophiscated weapon (said to be the 4th strongest counrty militarily in the world) figting against a people who are under the isaraeli occpation the last 60 years.

If Isarael believes in its right to defend itself it should give freedom to the Palestinians and that is what Hamas and every Palestinian is fighting - for their freedom and against the occupation of their land.

seri said...

Dear Kak Ton,

I believe many share your anger and sense of helplessness over the slaughter of more than 600 Palestinians (the latest number) most of whom are civilians, 20 per cent of whom are children & women.

Yes my heart goes to the Palestinians, who have been suffering for a long time, and whose loved ones have been killed by Israelis' bombs.

Am angry at the US, for not condeming the Israeli's massacre of Palestinians. No condemnation so far.

My prayers are for the Palestinians and for an end to these atrocities committed by these war criminals, the Zionists.

matt said...

During the so-called truce, Israel put up blockades to stop almost all essential goods - food and medicine - from getting into Gaza which angered Hamas who then started firing rockets.

Got this from Marina Mahathir's blog.

CNN Confirms that Israel Broke the Ceasefire First

Go here:

muslimah said...


No one could be chosen by God to annex the land of other people and kill them. Israel made these ethical choices by itself. Israel itself chose to wage its wars to eliminate the indigenous people of Palestine

Quote from Dr. Akram Habeeb writing from the occupied Gaza Strip, Live from Palestine, 29 December 2008