Monday, 12 January 2009

Rights group: Israel uses incendiary bombs in Gaza

Human Rights Watch said it was clear Israel had fired shells containing white phopshorus[GALLO/GETTY]

By JASON KEYSER, Associated Press Writer

AP) – Human Rights Watch said Sunday that Israel's military has fired artillery shells with the incendiary agent white phosphorus into Gaza and a doctor there said the chemical was suspected in the case of 10 burn victims who had skin peeling off their faces and bodies.

Researchers in Israel from the rights group witnessed hours of artillery bombardments that sent trails of burning smoke indicating white phosphorus over the Jebaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza. But they could not confirm injuries on the ground because they have been barred from entering the territory.

The chief doctor at Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza said he treated several victims there with serious burns that might have been caused by phosphorus. He said, however, that he did not have the resources or expertise to say with certainty what caused the injuries.

The substance can cause serious burns if it touches the skin and can spark fires on the ground, the rights group said in a written statement calling on Israel not to use it in crowded areas of Gaza.

Military spokeswoman Maj. Avital Leibovich refused to comment directly on whether Israel was using phosphorus, but said the army was "using its munitions in accordance with international law."

Israel used white phosphorus in its 34-day war with Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006. The U.S. military in Iraq used the incendiary during a November 2004 operation against insurgents in the city of Fallujah.

An AP photographer and a TV crew based in Gaza visited Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis on Sunday and recorded images of several burn patients...AP

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Antares said...

Evil works through dehumanized human agents - just as Good works through humans who manage to retain their humanity despite all attempts to indoctrinate them with hatred against those who are of a different skin color, cultural background or belief system. The Zionists use race & religion to achieve their devious ends - the same way Umno uses "Ketuanan Melayu" to stay in power. To them the end always justifies the means.

muslimah said...

The use of phosphorous is particularly cruel and banned by international law in situations like Gaza.

Sixty years of land theft and continued oppression and home demolition has culminated in this -Israel's worst atrocity.

Israel is the occupying force!

The Gazans have the right to self defense.

This is not War. It is genocide!

Zawi said...

How cruel to use such a weapon where civilians are within target. Are they human themselves? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

you are spreading misguided information tok mommy ,the red cross has said smoke not bombs! ,again spreading hate should be very proud of yourself.

anak Malaysia said...

Hello Anon 11:27:00 PM,

What the fack you’re talking accusing tok mommy of spreading hate?

Ok she's spreading hate against "violence" & the atrocities committed by Israelis on the defencelees people of Gaz.

Tak faham ke?

That was a report from AP (Associated Press) a foreign news agency, like Reuters and AFP. And its reporter, JASON KEYSER, had quoted Human Rights Watch in Jerusalem who said they witnessed hours of artillery bombardments that sent trails of burning smoke indicating white phosphorus over the Jebaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza.

Bodoh sangat ke? Tak tau baca?

And if you want to know here’s what the director of UNRWA said.
“John Ging, the director of Unrwa operations in the Strip, also accused the Israelis of using phosphorus shells.

"They are phosphorus fires so they are extremely difficult to put out because, if you put water on, it will just generate toxic fumes and do nothing to stop the burning," he said.

You claimed that the Red Cross said smoke not bombs!

Really? I guess those pictures showing the destruction in Gaza (children & people killed) which appeared in the newspapers must have been doctored/faked?

Just amazes me how stupid & blind some people can be!

Anonymous said...

anak malaysia ,you should learn to use your brain cell more or maybe you just have a little amount of it,sad...but that's not my problem .there are things called documented facts and hearsay prejudice.

malaysia the beckon of selective justice.....