Saturday, 25 July 2009

Film-maker Yasmin is still critical but stable

Award-winning local film-maker Yasmin Ahmad is still in critical but stable condition after undergoing surgery for bleeding in the brain on Thursday.

Her younger brother Muzaffar Shah said drainage of fluid was being carried out to reduce the pressure on Yasmin’s brain, which was swollen.

“It’s good news that she’s not getting worse. We will not know until 48 to 72 hours after surgery. The doctor will check on her again to see if there’s any change and will let us know,” he said.

“One of the vessels burst due to high blood pressure, causing the stroke. Right now it depends on how she reacts to the medication.”

Muzaffar said his sister was on oxygen support, instead of life support, contrary to some reports. He also refuted reports claiming that this was her second stroke.

“A few years ago, she fainted due to her high blood pressure, but it was a very mild thing. She was observed for one or two days and discharged,” he said, adding that he hoped there would be no more inaccurate reports. - The Star


lkh said...

Glad to know that Yasmin's condition is stable and she's not getting worse.

Hope you get well soon.

Din said...

Sama-sama kita berdoa agar beliau cepat semboh untuk terus berjuang membina sebuah negara bilang bangsa melalui karyanya.

Anonymous said...

You’re one rare gem. I love yr heart-tungging commercial s & the messages relayed.

Get well soon Yasmin.

We love you.