Monday, 13 July 2009

ntv7 host 'reassigned' over Najib scorecard

Malaysiakini reported that ntv7 talk-show host Florence Looi (picture right) has been issued a warning letter and removed from the programme "Point of View" after one of her guests gave an unfavourable rating on premier Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak's first 100 days in office.

Quoting ntv7 sources, the report said she has been transferred to the news desk of the private television station.

Looi was said to have 'breached editorial policy'.

Two guests - author/blogger Syed Akbar Ali and consulting editor Leslie Lau of the Malaysian Insider - were invited on the talk-show, aired on July 5. It was the latter's remarks that landed Looi in trouble.

It seems Looi was verbally told that she should not have asked her guests to rate Najib's performance. As Looi is the host-cum-producer of the programme, she was the only one who received the warning letter

Looi refused comment when contacted, while efforts to reach the management were futile, according to the report.

Ntv7 is one of the four private TV stations belonging to Media Prima Bhd which is closely linked to Umno. The other three stations are TV3, 8TV and tv9.

The report claimed that Media Prima has also spiked news about the mansion that former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo is building in Shah Alam. The blanket ban was applied after the ntv7 Chinese news slot at 5.30pm aired the bulletin.

'Point of View' is shown over ntv7 at 6pm on Sundays. Guests are invited from either side of the divide to discuss "hot" and current topics such as the Internal Security Act and the recent PKFZ scandal.

Former New Straits Times group editor Datuk Ahmad Talib is now Executive Director, News and Editorial Operations, at Media Prima, as well as the Executive Director (Editorial) of New Straits Times Press.

Former Berita Harian Sdn Bhd group editor Datuk Manja Ismail is Media Prima news and current affairs editor.

Read Malaysiakini BM versison: Komen negatif Najib: Pengacara ntv7 kena tukar; here.


Anonymous said...

It seems Looi was verbally told that she should not have asked her guests to rate Najib's performance.

One would assume that the directive had come from Najib. But I doubt this. I dont think he's bothered by the remark from Leslie of the Malaysianinsider.

Like Malaysiakini, the Malaysianinsider has been very critical of Najib. He's used to this kind of criticism having been a politician for donkey's years.

I think the managemement of ntv7 is overacting and is practising self-censorhip - wanna jaga own periok nasi - in view of the fact that it (the top management) consists of new batch of people, mesti berhati2,

What's the difference being unfavourably rated over tv and in newspapers and blogs?

So, what is the ntv management afraid of...that is if it was true Looi was reassigned because of this reason.

hakimi said...

I agree with anon 12:11am.

A case of an overzealous management trying to protect its own interest.

You're not helping Najib. U're giving him a bad name.

Dont undersatnd by breaching editorial policy.

Ayo yo, that polciy includes a no no abt negative on the PM?

Cannot like that lah.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!!!!!
We need more brave souls like Florence Looi...
We salute you for speaking up!

Anonymous said...
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Jane do said...

I dont watch ntv7, not my favourite channel. No I dont watch any of those government-owned tv stations or private ones linked to political parties.

So I missed this one, not that I care.

So how did Leslie grade our PM? Did he give Najib a "C", "D", an "E" or an "F"? Or on a scale of 1-10 was it a 5, 4, 3 or 1?

Again, whatever grade he gave, he surely must back it up. Cannot give an F with nothing to substantiate it. Right?

Doesn't ntv7 have any guidleline... the dos & donts for such a programme?

Memang cari naaslah kalau ada guidline and tak ikut, buat sesuka hati. After all you know you are working in an Umno-owned organisation. What do you expect, kan?

Though I agree with the commentators above. The removal of Looi reflects badly on Najib. It's as if the directive came from him, when in fact, it was the decision of the management.

Blair said...

For an unbiased "devil's advocate" moderator, she sure did seem more sympathetic to Mr. Lau's views over those of Mr. Syed, didn't she? Maybe she was removed for failing to remain impartial.