Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yasmin Ahmad Laid To Rest

Yasmin's remains surrounded by friends and relatives at Masjid Abu Bakar As-Siddiq - picture courtesy of the Star

Yasmin Ahmad, 51, the renowned film and advertising director, who died at the Damansara Specialists Centre Saturday night, was laid to rest on Sunday at the USJ 22 Muslim Cemetery in Subang Jaya.

Earlier, her remains were taken to the Abu Bakar As-Siddiq Mosque for the solat jenazah and to allow family members, friends and fans to pay their last respects.

About 200 people turned up at the mosque including residents in the area.

Her remains were later taken to the cemetery and buried at about 1pm.

Yasmin breathed her last at 11.25pm Saturday night. She collapsed while presenting a working paper at the Sri Pentas, TV3's headquarters, on Thursday.

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ts said...

Rest in peace Yasmin.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, Yasmin, in the arms of our Lord.



Anonymous said...

I am saddened by her sudden demise.

She was a lady with great talent and I love the messages she conveyed, promoting unity, through her work.

Goodbye, Yasmin. You will be missed.

God bless.


Anonymous said...

Too soon, too soon for you to go.

But God loves you more, Kak Yasmin.

Al fatiha for you, kak.

May He shower you with His Blessings for He is most merciful, compassionate and forgiving.



pemerhati said...

Al fatihah

Semoga rohnya di rahmati Allah SWT.


mawar said...

Salam takziah kpd keluarga Allahyarhama.

Pemergiannya adalah satu kehilangan besar.

Semoga Allah menucuri rahmat ke tas rohnya.

my_aching_heart said...

Gone but not forgotten
She left a void
no one can fill
Love you Yasmin
We will miss you

May Alalh bless your soul

Al fatiha