Tuesday, 14 July 2009

PAS wins Manek Urai

PAS candidate Mohd Fauzi Abdullah has won the Manek Urai by-election by a narrow margin of 65 votes.

Fauzi, 50, garnered 5,348 votes against Barisan candidate Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat, 39, who received 5,283 votes.

The official result was announced by the Election Commission at 9.01pm.

The race for the Manek Urai seat was close as party sources from both the Barisan Nasional and PAS had earlier claimed victory - that they have won by a slim majority.

Ballot box from Manek Urai Baru was first to arrive at tallying centre SMK Sultan Yahya Petra 1, followed by that from Sungai Peria dan Lata Rek.

Voting ended at about 5pm and the voter turnout was 87.33%.

In last year’s general election, Pas candidate, the late Ismail Yaacob, won the seat with a majority of 1,352.


tak pihak mana-mana said...

Tahniah kpd Pas kerana berjaya mempertahankan kerusi Manek Urai walaupun dengan majoriti yang tipis.

Dan tahniah kpd Barisan, walaupun kalah tetapi berjaya mengurangkan majoriti lawannya.

pak derih said...

Satu tamparan hebat kepada Pas & penyokongnya yang yakin menang dengan selesa di kubu kuat mereka.

Malah Pengarah PR PAS Negeri Kelantan Abdul Fatah Haron amat yakin bahawa PAS akan menang dengan majoriti lebih dari 2,000 undi memandangkan lebih dari 85 % pengundi telah keluar mengundi pada waktu itu.

Pas harus mengambil iktibar dari keputusan pr kecil ini.

Jangan terlalu taksub.

abu said...

Majoriti tipis tak per. Tapi menang juga. Janji menang! Muah ha ha.

Barisan kalah dengan 65 undi kira kalah lah tu.

Apa yang Tok Pa cakap yang Barisan menang dari segi moral? Moral apa? Dengan membeli undi?

Anonymous said...

biasala abu
BN menang kata undi hantu

PAS menang sbb dah pandai merasuah. PAS menang sbb DAP tolong undi.
PAS menang sbb anwar punya aura.


Anonymous said...

Pas wafer-thin win in the recently-concluded Manek Urai by-election is a good sign for Barisan, despite what the Opposition might say to the contrarry.

It,s all the more sweet for PM Najib with the victory coming just two days after his 100th day in office.

BN managed to makeinroad in this PAS stronghold leaving many political pundits who had predicted a big victory for Pas, the incumbent, shocked and its supporters dismayed.

The infighting in Pas and among partners of Pakatan, each with its own agenda,has taken its toll as reflected by the results.

Pakatan needs to look at itself and put its act together

orang lama said...


janji menang walaupun dengan majoriti yang tipis - 65 undi.

Like they say, a win is a win even by one vote. Ini yang dikatakan demokrasi. Itu adalah juga pendapat bekas PM Tun Dr Mahathir ketika beliau menang dengan 41 undi menewaskan lawannya ketika itu, Tengku Razaleigh, dlm pemilihan bagi jawatan no 1 parti pada tahun 1987.

Tapi menang dengan 65 undi di kubu kuat sendiri? That's disappointing!

Nyata sokongan terhadap Pas telah menurun dan hanya pemimpin parti itu yang tahu mengapa terjadi demikian.

The leadership owes an explanation to the members for its dismal performance.

Anonymous said...

Say what you like. A win is still a win.

With all the government machinery and money politics UMNO could not win.

And Dato Mustpaha Mohamad can rejoice but at the same time declared that there would be no new bridge for Manek Urai because the voters failed to deliver the seat to BN.

"Tan Sri (Muhyiddin) said we will build a two-way bridge if we win. Hence, we'll have to relook at it since we have lost."

He hinted that Manek Urai would not be getting any special help from BN as it is no longer an 'anak emas' (golden child).

"Previously we talk about 'anak emas', now no more. (Manek Urai) will be like any other children - we have anak jeli, anak gua musang, anak terengganu, anak pahang, so many children."

Still arrogant in defeat. Umno will remain unchanged.

a rakyat said...

Reading the analyses of pro Pakatan bloggers, I was under the impression that Pas would have no problem winning. They were wrong. I was wrong.

Pakatan will have to conduct a post-mortem to find out why the voters of Manek Urai were divided and what led to the slight erosion in support.

puteri said...

A slim majority is still a win, although the margin is samll.

Agree with anon 11:00am.

So, Tok Pa, there is nothing to celebrate BN's defeat as a "moral victory."

my 2 sens said...

Let’s put it this way.

The Manek Urai by-election result shows that BN almost won and Pas almost lost the seat. It was a 50-50 and (the result) could have gone either way.

The voters have spoken – through the ballot box - and what we see here is that BN is gaining ground while support for Pas is on the decline in its own turf.

As to the questions of why & how, it is for the respective party to find out... conduct a post mortem and prepare themselves for the bigger fight ie the next general election.

Non-partisan said...

Those who are pro-UMNO have proudly claimed that the party has gained ground in a PAS stronghold.

My question is can it be sustained and emerge victorious in the next Gen. Elections ? The whole army and logistics of BN then will be spread out throughout the whole country fighting at many battlefields unlike the concentration and onslaught at MU.

The earlier UMNO realises this the better it is.

Whilst many within UMNO may rejoice, one and the only one to be having many sleepless nights will be Tuan Aziz the UMNO candidate as victory was so near yet so far. He may also wonder what's next for him after having resigned from his previous job.

Anonymous said...

orang lama:"Tapi menang dengan 65 undi di kubu kuat sendiri? That's disappointing!.

Bukan disappointing lagi tapi "it's a disaster" - keputusan yang memalukan kerana beberapa jam sebelum pengumuman rasmi dibuat Pas dengan bongkak mengatakan parti itu akan menang dgn lebih 2,000 majoriti.

Anonymous said...


donch ya worry.Tuan Aziz the UMNO candidate will be taken care of by the party. He wont be jobless for long. :)

lkh said...

The result of the Manek Urai by-election has indeed come as a surprise to many political pundits/observers because it is a seat that PAS has won five out of six times since 1986.

However, this time around, Pas managed to just scrape through to retain it.

As for Umno/BN, it must be frustrating to be denied a victory by a mere 65 votes .

Since then, many have come out with their own analysis and from their own perspective – depending on which side of the political divide they come from.

That said, Nik Aziz will have a lot of soul-searching to do to account for the vastly reduced majority.

As for BN/Umno, it’d be wise not to continue harping on its “moral victory”.

Get back to work...and plse fulfill the promise made to the people of Manek Urai.

At least honour yr word to those - the 5,283 voters - who have voted for you.

matt said...

The thinking of those who voted for BN this time could be because of the promises made by the Deputy Prime Minister T.S. Muhyiddin to bring development to the area and to build a new bridge in Manek Urai. If BN won, it will not change the status quo in the State. Kelantan will still be under PAS. Hence the swing in votes to BN.

They’’re being practical.

Non-partisan said...

Anon 9.58,

That's the beauty of being in UMNO.