Thursday, 30 July 2009

Kosmo! apologises to Yasmin’s family

Kosmo! has apologised to the family of the late filmmaker, Yasmin Ahmad, for publishing a "salacious" article about her one day after her burial.

The tabloid, published by the Utusan Melayu group, apologised on its front page Thursday in a banner headlined: Keluarga Yasmin, Kosmo! mohon maaf (The Yasmin family, Kosmo! seeks forgiveness).

"On Monday 27 July, Kosmo! published a report regarding filmmaker, Yasmin Ahmad, who had just passed away," Kosmo! said.

"The report entitled Takdir Yasmin (Yasmin's divine destiny) has received mixed reactions. Kosmo! is concerned about these reactions." (read Journo to Journo: How Low Can You Go?)

"As a newspaper which is close to its community, Kosmo! wishes to ask for forgiveness from the family of the late Yasmin, her friends and readers who are offended by the report."

The iconic filmmaker and highly acclaimed advertising practitioner died at the Damansara Specialists Hospital here at about 11.25 p.m. Saturday (25 July).

Yasmin, 51, collapsed while she was presenting a working paper at Sri Pentas, the headquarters of the private television station TV3 on Thursday and was rushed to the Damnsara Specialists Hospital. She suffered from a stroke and brain haemorrhage and died some 48 hours later and was buried on Sunday.

Kosmo!'s report touched off a storm of protest from her friends in the media and advertising industry who called for a boycott of Utusan's publications and that of Chinese daily Kwong Wah Jit Poh (which also published a similar report on the same day) over what they say is "salacious gossip."

A letter was drafted Wednesday by former and current senior journalists protesting against Kosmo!'s story. The letter was addressed to Utusan chairman Tan Sri Hashim Makaruddin and a copy was expected to be sent to the Home Minister.

(Source: MySinchew)


ben said...

I dont read kosmo!. Am glad for that and of course, I missed the story. Not that I cared.

That's the least and most decent thing kosmo could do - apologise to her family.

Yasmin has gone to meet her maker. Please leave her alone and let her rest in peace.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Have they not heard the saying "never speak ill of the dead"?

Cant they show respect to someone who has just died and who cant defend herself?

It's good that kosmo has apologised. But the damage has been has hurt the feelings of the grievibg family.

Yati said...

Apa gunanya memohon maaf? Sudah mengaibkan nama hamba Allah yang telah meninggal dunia.

Orang tua2 berkata "terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padanya."

Pada pendapat saya, Kosmo hanya mengutama keuntungan dengan membuat berita untuk melariskan jualan tanpa mengira akan kesan berita terhadap perassan keluarga allahyarham.

His Humble Servant said...

Kita dilarang mencerca seorang yang telah meninggal dunia hanya kerana peribadinya, apakah lagi mencari-cari perkara yang tidak pasti.

Malah kita disuruh mendoakan keampunan Allah SWT untuk setiap saudara muslim, semoga Allah juga mengampuni kita pada hari kita bertemuNya nanti.

Kita doakan keampunan dan rahmat Allah untuknya. Dia Yang Maha Mengetahui setiap hambaNya. Setiap hamba ada rahsia yang tersendiri antara dia dan Allah Yang Maha Pengasih.

Kita bukan penentu syurga dan neraka seseorang.

Al fatiha untuk allahyarham.

Hamba Allah said...

Maaf tersilap hantar posting!

Saya setuju dengan the Humble servant.

Sebagai seorang Muslims kita berdoa agar rohnya di rahmati Allah SWT.

Hanya Allah yang berhak menentukan segalanya.