Friday, 13 June 2008

Have we forgotten little Sharlinie?

The public might have already forgotten little Sharlinie or Ninie, the five-year old girl who disappeared while playing at a playground near her Kampung Medan house in January this year.

But not her father, Mohd Nashar Mat Hussein, 30. Encik Mohd Nashar took it upon himself to search for his daughter in Surabaya, Indonesia because he had “a strong intuition” she was there.

He told Benama that he left for Surabaya with three friends and stayed there for four days looking out for his daughter along the five footway in Kota Malang guided by a friend who knew the city well.

However the search was in vain. He did find his daughter.

Sharlinie's mother, Suraya Ahmad, 28 said , perhaps, the public had begun to forget the incident that befell onto her daughter, but her gut feeling says Sharlinie is still alive.

"I can only submit to God. Never mind how long it will take as long as my daughter is found.

"The prayer and Yaasin recital will continue every Thursday night and we also still see Muslim medical practitioners and religious experts for advice and guidance," she said.

Read the full Bernama story Search For Sharlinie In Surabaya Leads To Nowhere here

(Have the police given up on Sharlinie and have they closed her case? It looks as if the case has been left to the parents (father) to continue the search for his missing daughter.)

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