Thursday, 12 June 2008

Dr M - I have no intention of quitting as Petronas adviser ...

...that is what former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in his reply to the query by the media and commentators in his blog as to whether he would quit as adviser to Petronas now that he is no longer an UMNO member.

"As I have stated before I have no intention of quitting. It is ridiculous if all advisorial appointments subject the appointee to saying only the things that please the Government.

The Government is free to remove me from this position as it sees fit.

I would like to believe it is not exclusive to UMNO members.

Prior to my being adviser, the post was held by Tun Hussein Onn who was appointed by me following his resignation as Prime Minister.

When UMNO was made illegal and UMNO Baru was formed Tun Hussein remained outside the party but this did not affect his position in Petronas. He remained Petronas adviser until he passed away.

Tun Hussein was also ISIS (Institute of Strategic and International Studies) chairman from 1984 until his demise.

On the New Straits Times and the Star front-page reports yesterday on claims by High Court Judge Justice Dato Ian Chin that Dr Mahathir had intefered in the judiciary (read here and here), the Tun wrote that he would respond in due time.

"However, I am quite curious about what Ian Chin considers as `veiled threat'. Perhaps he could be more specific as his allegations are very serious."

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Aziz said...

Kak Ton,

The uncertainty political landscape nowadays resulting the rakyat suffering so much in many form. I'm sure everyone else is very much aware of these. And politics itself is a never-ending matter. Pin-pointing blame-game, i'm better-than-you, and etc etc. And as if they are racing for the immortal power. What are actually do they contribute? Or perhaps, what are they really aftering for? Power and monies. Power and monies. Please don't drag rakyat into this. As i see it, it does not make any difference of whom come into power nowadays. The poor are still getting poorer, and the rich are getting richer. The rakyat??