Saturday, 21 June 2008

Offers of Senator & Envoy smack of bribery - Yong

When SAPP president Yong Teck Lee announced that his party had lost confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi the latter made a serious allegation against the former, without elaborating, by saying that it was because he had not been able to satisfy Yong’s personal greed.

Like they say, it takes two to tango. Now was the "personal greed" in the form of money and position?

The SAPP President has now responded to the PM's accusation, claiming that he was offered a senatorship and a post of envoy. Well, if these offers do not smack of bribery. I wonder what does.

Here’s the full star online report:


puteri said...

Tok mommy,

That's what you get when you have a silly & brainless PM. Cakap tak pakai otak. Doesnt know the ramifications of his statement!

It's like cutting one nose to spite one's face.

Haiyoo, bodohnya!

Anonymous said...

Tok Mommy,
What is the dfinition of corruption?Only to be charged if you go against ruling class?
oh new order primitve politicians

Hi&Lo said...

Was the offer made in writing classified OSA?

Am neutral observer.

Well, Yong also benefitted from phantom voters in the past. A sizeable vote bank from Pulau Gaya are suspected "legalised" Malaysians.

The last time he was ADUN for Likas, his challenger Dr Chong Eng Leong filed election petition to nullify his victory.

The Election judge was Datuk Kamal who was demonised for grudge agst state govt cos his daughter failed to get scholarship.

This same judge also revealed he had received instruction on how to deliver verdicts from chief justice Eusoff Chin.

klafterdark said...

Hi Tok Mommy,

We are living in a very interesting time kan. Only if we know where we are going.

And I wonder how long our PM is going to go on shooting himself at the foot. Whatever came out from his mouth were either lies or foolish.

And I am wondering what Karpal will do if there is no confidence motion on badawi next week. I thought he is Badawi's strong supporter. After Anwar and singapore may be. That is something that I could not understand. Not yet.

Thanks tok. I am your closet fan.

kopub said...

dulu Yong ni yang nak senatorship, pak lah tak bagi, tu dia marah..