Friday, 20 March 2009

Ali Rustam's appeal rejected

The Umno appeals panel today rejected Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam's appeal to overturn the decision to bar him from contesting for the Umno deputy presidency.

Malaysiakini quoting Bernama reported that the panel made a unanimous decision on the matter. Its chairperson, Mohd Zuki Kamaluddin, said the punishment meted out on Mohd Ali takes immediate effect.

Prior to the meeting, Zuki had said he believes that the disciplinary committee had taken all factors into consideration before making a decision.

With polling just five days away, the chief minister's only hope rests with the Umno supreme council, which has yet to hold its final meeting ahead of the March 26 party polls.

On Tuesday, Mohd Ali was barred from contesting by the Umno disciplinary committee for allegedly being involved in money politics through his agent.

Certain quarters alleged that it was a conspiracy to exclude Mohd Ali, who was tipped to be in the lead, in order to ensure victory for the preferred candidate Muhyiddin Yassin.

However, incoming Umno president Najib Abdul Razak, Muhyiddin and even Mohd Ali have dismissed this.Mohd Ali is seen to be aligned to outgoing president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Should the supreme council endorse the disciplinary committee's decision, observers say the backlash could tilt the scales in favour of Muhammad Muhd Taib, the other 'Abdullah camp' contender for the number two slot.

Meanwhile, The Malaysian Insider - quoting party sources - reported that Umno supreme council member Datuk Norza Zakaria will not be allowed to contest in the party polls.

The report said a decision has been made to bar the Federal Territory Umno Youth leader who was charged in court last Friday with two counts of bribing delegates in the polls campaign. For full report, read here .

However, party secretary-general Tengku Adnan Mansor said Norza Zakaria's fate will be decided on Monday.

As of now, Norza is still technically eligible to contest, he said at a media briefing on the annual general assembly at the Umno headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.


Hamba said...

Ali Rustam's sentence is not at all fair. He was not referred to the MACC and the police! Isn't bribery a crime? It's not a discipline problem. Truancy and smoking by students IS a discipline problem. Bribery is a different thing all together!It's not the same. Does this mean UMNO MEMBERS are not bound by the Malaysian law? IMPOSSIBLE AND THAT ITSELF IS A CRIME ( ABATEMENT AND CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT CRIME )

matt said...

Serve Umno right if MM Taib ended being elected deputy president of the party.

"I-no-speak-england" Mat Taib gonna be our deputy Prime Minister.

Yaaay! Malaysia Boleh!

ahli Umno Neghori said...

It seems at a meet-the-delegates session in Seremban, Ali Rustam (although by then he'd been barred from contesting in the party polls) & Mike Tyson were given a rousing welcome whereas, Muhyiddin, a muted one.

As Ali & Mat Taib were walking out of the hall after the session, delegates rushed out to shake these two goons' hands and hug them. Even women delegates took the opportunity to take pictures with them.

Muhyiddin sensing the situation left the hall much later when there were not many delegates left, perhaps fearing that he’d be ignored.

Ali Rustam and Mat Taib adjourned to the coffee house and had a session of their on. Perhaps trading votes.

It doesn’t look good for Muhyiddin. Wont be surprised if Mat Taib aka Mike Tyson turned out as the winner.

That will be a tragedy as someone here has commented.

Lee said...

Ali's appeal has to be rejected.
A corrupt person has no business contesting for a post.In fact he should step down as the chief Minister of Malacca.How can a corrupt person be allowed to head a State Government?Like another UMNO leader before him, he should be suspended for at least three years from taking part in any election and resign from all posts he currently holds.There cannot be any justification for double standard!

anak selangor said...

Mat Taib was quoted as saying that he created millionaires when he was MB of Selangor. I assume he meant Malay millionaires.

Wow! And he said that with so much pride.

Excuse me? You mean turning your cronies into millionaires like that Ghazali guy of Puncak Niaga and several others and appointing them as your nominees?

also anak selangor said...

Thia is what was reported by the star:

'I can speak in English,' says Muhammad Taib

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno deputy-president candidate, Senator Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, is aware that there are people talking about his apparent lack of fluency in English.

In answering questions at the Umno overseas club leadership course yesterday, he not only took a swipe at his critics but also proceeded to list his achievements to prove that he had a good grasp of the language.

The question posed to him by one of the students was that Muhammad’s credibility was doubtful considering he was not fluent in English.

“I am aware that there are people talking about it. But this is just a script that normally comes out and it will change when someone supports a certain party.”

Muhammad said that he was the only Malay who graduated from Universiti Malaya with a first class honours in History in 1979.

“All my previous exams were also conducted in English - the London Cambridge Examinations and the Malaysian Cambridge Examinations.”

Muhammad added that when he was the Selangor Mentri Besar, he had managed to produce dozens of millionaires and was also responsible for bringing in investments from Taiwan, Korea and California.

“The thing is, I am only the Rural and Regional Development Minister now which is why you would only be reading small stories about me.

“Try and give me the International Trade and Industries Ministry and you’ll see,” he quipped.


Very misleading. By the time he was a undergraduate at UM, students had the choice to answer their exams questions in B. Malaysia or English.

Bet my bottom dollar, he answerd in BM. Am not putting down B.Malaysia. But this guy has mislead the readers. So typicsl of a penipu.

And yes as the commentator above said he has succuceed in making millionaires of his cronies.

Al fatiha to Umno, should he is voted as No 2 man in the party.