Saturday, 28 March 2009

Pak Lah: No Dr M, my son-in-law deserves to win

Outgoing Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday defended his son-in-law (pix below right) Khairy Jamaluddin's victory in the Umno Youth elections because he had 'worked very hard' for it.

"That is the truth. I know. Sometimes he would ask Nori (Khairy's wife) 'where is our son?' because he was always on the move. As I said, he was working very hard, even his wife said so.

"He came back late at night because of campaign and I think he deserves it after working so hard for it," he said.

Abdullah said this in response to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's stinging criticisms on the issue.

In his latest blog posting Dr Mahathir said the real reason for his absence at the Umno Assembly was because "Umno Youth openly and directly endorsed corruption ... they chose a leader found guilty of using money and inducements in his bid to become Youth chief. Whether he was allowed to contest or not, it does not negate the fact that he is corrupt."

"The punishment meted on this person is inadequate and unfair because others found guilty of a similar offence were barred from contesting," Dr Mahathair said.

Dr Mahathir has his own views, Abdullah said, but the fact is that the election was done properly.

"(It was conducted) in accordance to the institution of the party and the procedures of the party election. What’s there to be raising all sorts of questions, creating and making people doubt the election and the party?" he told reporters at the Umno annual general assembly in Kuala Lumpur.

On Wednesday, Khairy defeated Dr Mahathir's son Mukhriz and former Selangor menteri besar Mohd Khir Toyo for the coveted post.

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puteri said...

Pak Lah, jangan cuba menegakkan benang yang basah. It a fact that your son-in-law was found guilty of breaking tha party's campaign ethics involving money.

He shouldnt have been allowed to contest. Period1

The Disciplinary made a great mistake of just giving him a warning.

He played dirty and won. The whole bergerakan Umno is tainted.


pemuda akar umbi said...

The Youth delegates have betrayed the trust entrusted on them by the grassroots.

304 orang pemuda lebih mementingkan wang dari perjuangan Umno dengan memilih seorang pesaruah yang telah menabur wang dalam kempennya untuk jawatan ketua pergerakan itu.

pendekar bukit said...

Sayuti Omar ejen Fitan Anwar

Baca di sini

a concerned rakyat said...

Pak Lah, I have no doubt that Khairy "worked" very hard to win the whatever means.

Are you just going to dismiss the fact that he was found guilty by Umno's own disciplinary committee for using money to buy votes?

I'm sad that the pemuda delegates didnt heed DS Najib's call for a change.

I am just as confused as many who cannot reconcile the fact that a CM was barred from contesting the party polls for using money to buy votes and here we have someone charged for the same offence being let off free & allowed to contest. And he WON!

Double-standard tu, Pak Lah!

It seems that MONEY is paramount to these 304 pemuda delegates who voted your son-in-law as their leader.

Pity Umno. And yes, more importantly our beloved country too.