Saturday, 21 March 2009

Fairus quits as Penang Deputy Chief Minister (update)

Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has resigned as Deputy Chief Minister (1), Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today.

According to Lim, Mohammad Fairus’ resignation would take effect from April 8, but he would continue as Penanti state assemblyperson, Malaysiakini reports.

Fairus has also resigned as the state Entrepreneurial, Cooperative Development, Information and Community Relations Committee chairperson.

Lim said he accepted Fairus’ resignation but declined to state the latter’s reasons for stepping down.

However contacted later in the day via SMS, Fairus said the resignation came following his decision to “further his studies”.

“Sebabnya adalah untuk melanjutkan pelajaran, (because I wish to go for further studies),” read his SMS sent to Penang Malaysiakini correspondent Low Chia Ming.

However, Fairus did not elaborate as to what and when he would like to further his studies.

Later in the afternoon, Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim told a press conference in Subang that Fairus resigned for the same reason.

"He has expressed his desire to go for further studies," said Anwar.

Fairus, 33, was among the youngest to hold such a high post in Penang history. But his “attitude problem” as alleged by his former officers had put him in a tight spot for the past many months.

He had denied this, saying that many were jealous of him getting such a position at an early age.

Fairus, a father of five, holds a degree in Political Science and International Relations from Universiti Islam Antarabangsa and Syariah Studies Certificate from Universiti Malaya. He was also said to hold a Masters in Strategic and Defence Studies and a MBA in Strategic Management, from a university in United Kingdom.

Fairus’ resignation comes as no surprise as there had been intense speculations that he would quit due to under-performance and purported graft involvement.

His detractors gave him pressure'

But to Selangor PKR Youth leader Amiruddin Shaari, Fairus' resignation is expected as many “grassroots have lodged complaints about him to top PKR leaders”.

“His detractors did add pressure on his resignation and the party needed time to review the complaints againts him.

“This was also meant to be fair to Fairus (to improve himself), that is why the party took time to make this decision,” he said, adding that Fairus was not the only one being reviewed but other executive councillors go through the same process.

Amiruddin also revealed that there was “no pressure from the party” that prompted Fairus to resign because he had made the decision through “his own will”.

“We are in a big family in PKR. After discussing with him, the decision was made in order to strengthen Pakatan and the state government's performance,” he said.

Amiruddin, who is Batu Cave state rep, also said that the resignation is part of a “good, normal process to enable the party to find better leaders”.

“The party might also replace him with a more senior leader and it could be Abdul Malik Abdul Kassim,” he added.

Abdul Malik, an assemblyperson for Batu Maung, took over Mohammad Fairus’ religious affairs portfolio earlier this month and is perceived to be the ‘best’ candidate to replace Fairus.

To Penang PKR chief, Zaharain Hashim, he was “shocked” upon the resignation which he just learnt about it this morning despite he, Fairus and Anwar had a discussion about it.

“All I know is that both of us had a discussion with Anwar. But I am shocked to learn that he had actually resigned,” said the Bayan Baru MP when contacted.

With the latest resignation, the Penang government still has one deputy left, P Ramasamy, who is also Batu Kawan MP. Ramasamy is from the DAP.

Days of intense speculation

Since the removal of the portfolio, speculations had been rife that Fairus would be asked to quit his post but Lim denied this.

He also said that Fairus had denied it and “didn’t know where the story came from”.

However, the situation got more intense when Lim revealed that he approved his deputy’s leave application following a request from Anwar.

Fairus had been dogged by controversy from the day he was appointed to the second top post in the state.

Two main complaints on Fairus were on his apparent ‘disappearance' from his state constituency Penanti and his lack of interest as the Penang Football Association president.

Anwar had openly rebuked Fairus during the Permatang Pauh by-election last August for not visiting Penanti regularly.


Anonymous said...

Good that Fairus resigned. At least the PK (Pakatan Rakyat) walks the talk. You're not up to the mark, you resign.

Cant say much about Umno's Ali Rustam. Found guilty of money politics yet still clinging to the post of CM of Melaka.

Muka tak malu!

concerned rakyat said...

Looks like PKR is making a mess of itself.

Fairuz has resigned becuz he wants to further his studies?

I thought I read he alreday has two Master's degrees?

Anwar must come out clean and tell the truth as to why Fairus has resigned. Dont sweep things under the carpet as is done by the BN.

Otherwise voters will lose confidence in the Pakatan Rakyat - that it is no better than the BN.

Anonymous said...

PK has a LOT of cleaning up to do.

They have MPKJ Council member(En Hanapiah) who protects illegal factories polluting the streams and rivers of Semenyih(that flow to the Hulu Langat Water Treament Dam)!

When BN was in power, they protested against Waste Incineration Plant in Broga(near Semenyih), giving reason that it's too close to Hulu Langat Water treatment plant that supplies drinking water to Millions of Malaysian living in Klang Valley.

Now that PR is in power, PK is worse, quietly allowing illegal factories to pollute our environment!

Look at Ean Yong Hian Wan Chairman of the Permanent Committee on New Village Development and Illegal Factory...reported the case to him but he just kept mum about it...he is also too young and inexperience to hold such post.

So, don't you agree that PR(PK and DAP) are also a group of hypocrites?

BN will be back in Power when PK can't get their act together and loses the confidence of the Rakyat.