Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Pak Lah: Najib shall be Umno president

That was what outgoing Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told reporters in an apparent bid to dispel any speculations that the transition of power will not take place.

Abdullah made the statement following queries by reporters that a splinter group in the party had tried to apply for Registrar of Societies to stop the party’s 59th AGM from taking place.

It is also believed that the group in doing so had wanted to stop Najib from taking over as the party’s seventh president.

“Who are doing all this? Why do you believe all this things. It can never happen. How can anybody stop the Umno AGM.

“Nothing can stop what has already been decided. Najib will become Umno president soon. And when there is confirmation, there will be a transition,” he told a press conference held after the closed-door presidential briefing to party delegates.

However, he said the transition plan was not discussed at all during the presidential briefing to other party delegates early this evening as the matter has already been accepted by party members.

“It is a topic that everyone have already known and understood,” he said.

No date has been set for the power transfer and it is still no clear when Najib will be sworn in as the new prime minister.

There are speculations that Abdullah may announce the date at the assembly.

He then added that what was most important at this point is for the party delegates to focus on the party elections as the poll outcome would definitely affect the nation’s future.

“What is most important are the elections and the role of the voters, therefore it is important for them to take this elections seriously as they would be voting for the new leadership that will bring confidence to the party and the people.

“Whoever they elect is not just for the party members only as we must consider that the new Umno leadership will play a big role in the leadership of the government,” he told a press conference after the party’s closed-door presidential briefing.

Abdullah also reminded them to avoid infighting and reminded them not to let the party elections cause internal fighting and other unwanted incidents that would be detrimental to everyone. - Malaysiakini .

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