Thursday, 10 January 2008

Another child missing...

This time the victim is five-year-old Sharlinie Mohd Nashar who disappeared while playing about 200m from her house in Taman Dato Harun, Petaling Jaya, yesterday.

Sharlinie or "Nini", the youngest of three children (all girls), was clad in a striped light blue-white sleeveless top, light blue short skirt and pink slippers.

She is about 3 feet 2 inches tall, of slight build with a round face, tanned complexion and short hair.

Police are not ruling out the possibility that the “Kampung Baru molester” – the man responsible for the cruel killing of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin – could have abducted Sharlinie, the second to be reported missing in the Taman Medan area in two days.

On Monday, a six-year-old girl was abducted by a man on a motorcycle when she was playing alone near her flats in Kampung Sepakat, Taman Medan, about 2km from where Sharlinie went missing. The girl was found three hours later in Wangsa Maju in Setapak.

In the 11am incident yesterday, Sharlinie had followed her sister Sharliena, eight, to a playground about 200m from their double-storey link house in PJS 2.

Half an hour later, Sharliena decided to return home but Sharlinie did not respond when she called out to her. She rushed home to inform her mother, Suraya Ahmad, 28, who went to the playground to search for Sharlinie.

Suraya lodged a police report at the district police headquarters about two hours later. Star has the report.

Those with information on Sharlinie’s whereabouts, or on the suspect, to contact RakanCop at 03-21159999 or call her mother Suraya Ahmad at 016-2709096 or Mohd Nashar at 016-2583450.

Pictures: top left: Sharlinie Mohd Nashar
Centre right: Photofit of the suspect


Tembam said...

Thanks Kak Ton for triggering the NURIN Alert in your blog!

Anonymous said...

What can I say? Oh no, not another one

Every time a child is missing the police will come out with the same statement that it could be the "same man responsible for the cruel killing of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin".

And what have they been doing?

None of the killers of the children who have been kidnapped and murdered have been found.

They are still at large and on the loose. Looking for their next victim.

It seems to me looking for missing children are not on their priority. Chasing after protestors is.

Having said that, I hope parents will be more vigilant and careful before letting out their children to play outside the home.

Our neighbourhood is not like what it used to be. There are strangers on the prowl looking for victims they can pounce on.

So parents, please berhati-hati.

My hope is that Sharlinie will be reurned safe and sound.

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
It is getting scary to be living around KL nowadays. You are not even safe in your own home. Shahrizat admitted that "no where is safe now". What a sad state we are in. The authorities seem helpless to do anything at all.
Wont there be a house to house search like the way they did for the marchers or for the keepers of CSL's VCD?
Lets pray for Sharlini's safety and return to her parents.

zaitgha said...

Kak Tun,

Pray that she will be found safe...

Hi&Lo said...

The child kidnapper(s) getting bolder and bolder. He/they must be thumping the nose at the police.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

hi tembam,

Am just doing my bit whenever I can.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

hi anon 10:48:00AM

Yes, what can I sa? When I read the news online I too said to myself, "Oh not again".

Cases of missing child is becoming a common occurrence. Wish we could do more. Whaever happen to the Nurin Alert. Has it been activated?

Sharizat said she wanted the photfit pic of the "molester" be put out.

I pray she is safe and not going to be another statistic.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi Zawi,

You're right. KL doesnt seem to be a safe place to live - any more. With the rate of crime going up, it is indeed a sad state of affair.

Dont hope for the police to comb the areas going from house to house like they did "for the keepers of CSL's VCD".

Tell ya, they have their priorities screwed up.

Let's just hope "lil Nini" will be returned to her parents soon dalam keadaan yang baik.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

hi zaitgha,

Sama-sama kita berdoa agar adik "nini" dipulangkan ke pangkuan ibu bapanya dengan selamat.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

hi hi&lo

Yes, that's exactly how I feel. The child kidnapper/s are getting bolder because the police have yet to find any of them.


Rita Ho said...

This is terrible news and so soon after Nurin.

You are right to question the activation of Nurin Alert, Kak Ton. The equivalent Amber Alert here as Farina mentioned in her introduction of it has helped saved several children in the nick of time. It really works and Malaysia should put it in place already!

Meanwhile, the police and authorities seem to be working at a faster and more intense pace in searching for Sharlinie. Let's hope their efforts are not futile like before.

elviza said...

Kak Ton,

I plagiarised bits of this report and placed it in my blog. I also linked this post to my posting.

Thanks and hope you dont mind...

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

hi rita,

I think the police better move know what I mean.

Just dont talk only lah.

A RM5,000 reward has already been offered to anyone who has information on "nini" and the suspect and 5,000 posters distributed to help find her.

Meanwhile, Suria FM will provide hourly updates on her.

It's heartening to know that the public is aware of this latest case of a missing child.

I hope, like you, all these efforts will not be an exercise in futility.

I hope she is safe.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi elviza,

No problem sis. Glad you put up the alert and did your bit.

Thanks sis.

Anonymous said...

The Police are busy trying to sort out the contracts for the supply and installation of the CCTV.

And in the meantime another child goes missing.

What the hell!

MaryKate said...

Not good news at all. Much better coverage from all media than Nurin. Let's hope and pray that the Police will do their duties well this time. It's time like this that Nurin Alert comes handy. We dont want to see another case like Nurin.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, the police are targetting the wrong person.

I read in the star which quoted her elder sister as saying that "nini" was taken by a woman.

Maybe the police should look into this.

the link is here:

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

hi marykate,

It's more than 48 hours since Sharlinie has gone missing.

But media coverage on her is better than that of Nurin. The news on her was practically on every prime time tv last night.

My prayers is that she is found unharmed.

puteri said...

Kak ton,

I was reading tembam’s (weblog) writeup on the Amber Alert Programme in Kentucky USA and why it has been such a success in locating missing children.

One reason is the active participation of private citizens.

"Their input acts as a tremendous force multiplier for law enforcement officers and helps contribute to the successful recovery of missing and abducted children.

"The greater the public participation, the greater the chances of finding an abducted child unharmed.

"Time is critical when it comes to finding abducted children and when a child’s life is in danger, spreading the word quickly can often mean the difference between life and death, says KSP Major Mitch Bailey, coordinator of Kentucky’s AMBER Alert system.

"Kentucky’s AMBER Alert system was activated in 2003 to relay emergency information to law enforcement and rescue officials and to broadcasters of television and radio.

"Since then, Kentucky has had 19 AMBER Alerts involving 25 children, all of whom were located unharmed."

I am glad that since the news of Sharlinie’s disapperance, bloggers, members of the public and NGOs are doing their best to help out by disseminating information about her and offering information about her. And media coverage on her has been extensive too.

According to media report, the Petaling Jaya Police have been inundated with information pertaining to the Sharlinie’s disappearance.

And we have Datuk Sharizat Jalil appealing to the the television stations to show more frequently the photofit of a suspected child abductor in an effort to nab him.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, 74 percent of children who are kidnapped and later found murdered are killed within the first three hours after being abducted.

"That’s why public participation in the AMBER Alert system is so important," says Bailey.

"It increases the ‘eyes and ears’ of law enforcement over a wide area."

Everyone is concerned about little sharlinie because we don’t want to lose the life of another innocent child.

What amazes me and what sickens me is the comment made by no other than the Deputy Internal Security Minister, Datuk Johari Baharum, who is not concerned so much about the safety and life of an innocent child but “about wide media coverage on the issue.”

"The wide coverage might affect police investigations as they will indirectly giving rooms for the suspect to slip away," he said. when contacted by Bernama yesterday.

What kind of logic is that, may I ask? The logic of a sick mind?

sesat said...

Dear Kak Ton,

Sharlinie's abduction is both sad and alarming, but thanks to Nurin Alert, we can draw comfort from the fact that media coverage in this case is far more intense and prominent.

The little girl has been missing for 3 very long days. I pray for her safe return, and soon.

Anonymous said...

the account given by her sister is incorrect. her father has discounted that. urgh. according to teh latest news, bapak dia cakap reporter yang silap report.