Saturday, 5 January 2008

Anti-ISA vigil dispersed with water cannon...

...and it was not EVEN a DeMO.

The police tonight used water cannon to disperse a crowd of about 300 people who had earlier defied a ban and successfuly hold a short candlelight vigil at Dataran Merdeka.

The participants, comprising members of the Movement for the Abolition of ISA' (GMI) and several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) began to assemble at 8 pm behind the steel barricade guarded by police personnel from the Dang Wangi District Police Station.

There were no untoward incidents and no arrests were reported.

Police had earlier closed Jalan Raja, in front of Dataran Merdeka, since 3pm today to prevent the assembly from taking place.

Bernama has the full story: here:

Pix: Courtesy of Malaysiakini and Harakah Daily


Rocky's Bru said...

Hey Kak Ton!

I thought the DPM said demos are OK but not on the streets.

Well, Dataran Merdeka isn't a street, y'know. It's a field. A square. So why are the cops using water canons, holding road blocks and being so unfriendly?

They don't think they have to listen to Najib, is that why?

mob1900 said...

These are the work of our very capable law enforcement personnel. Enforcing certain elite's law that is.

Instead of solving crime, wasting resources on dosing candle-light virgils are prefferred. Maklumlah, not much paper work, semua Boss kasi greenlight! Lagipun, water used are all paid by Taxpayers.

No wonder they're losing credibility everyday.

Anonymous said...


Najib specified that it must in enclosed places such as stadiums.

He qualified it by saying "open places" such as Bukit Jalil.

Leaving out the fact that a police permit is required was intentional, I believe.

So let us not jump to the conclusion that "demos" are ok because they arent as proven by the action taken by the FRU against the peaceful gathering last night.

Anonymous said...

Najib's "yes to demos" rings hollow.

Ciakap tak selupa bikin!

Anonymous said...

For more pictures and video go to:

bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Kak Ton, harap izinkan saya linkkan dengan pautan-pautan lain di sini

shar101 said...

Lemme see now....

Hindraf had 30k participants and about 30 plus arrested.

Freedom Walk had about 100 participants and 5 arrested.

GMI candlelight vigil had about 300 participants and none arrested.

Yeah, it's obvious. We're wearing em down, folks. Or the RMP are getting complacent.

Plus no teargas coz stocks depleted (600 canisters during Hindraf), not replenished.

So, what are the chances of people getting 'cannoned' with red syrup in the next assembly? Shall we ask SV to 'test' on the 20th?

elviza said...

Aikssss I thought DPM said demo is okay and now this?

p/s: Kak Ton, no need to read newspaperlah, in Tok Mommy's you can read everything :-)

See ya tmr (that is if you are having us the freeloaders!)

Hi&Lo said...

Kak Ton,

Water cannon against candlelights. Garden hose would be enough. Shame to give polis the royal colours.

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
Water cannon will be a permanent feature in Malaysian life soon. What a waste of resources deploying so many personnel on something as harmless as a candle light vigil while the perpetrators of crimes are allowed a free reign due to a lack of priority by PDRM.

warrior2 said...

I asked a question in another blog recently i.e why is it that these demons or perhimpunan are carried out in kl or cities in general? Why not in a jungle somewhere like hutan pahang ke or any other hutan far from civilisation so that citizens can go about with thier daily life free of hassles and difficulties. No answer yet so far.

I would like to promote this. Go and have your processions or demos in a hutan somewher. The thicker the hutan the better so that monkeys can also be part of your processions and demos

Anonymous said...

kak ton,

I just read kak ena's entry in which she said Bernama did not include Raja Zarith's take on the bloggers.

How come Bernama failed to include the part on bloggers?

Was it intentional because it is a "no no" topic and a blanket ruling from Bernama's top gun, that Zaini guy?

Or was it self-censorship on the part of the reporter concerned?

If the latter is the case, he should be ashamed to call himslef a reporter.


atok the 3d maker said...

izinkan saya berbahasa Melayu disini,
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p/s saya bukan penyokong setia kerajaan ataupun pengikut setia pembangkang, jadi manakah kedudukan saya, sorga atau neraka? tergantong2 kah? herm......tolong nasehatkan saya.