Monday, 28 January 2008

'Boycott newspapers, buy no lies'

The People’s Parliament committee for Hartal-MSM held a press conference at the Blog House in Damansara this morning to launch a civil society initiative to boycott the mainstream media (MSM).

According to the "HARTAL MSM Committee " media statement the boycott of local newspapers is one way "we can check the rot in our country and a means for civil society to take constructive action. Malaysia deserves a free press."

This initiative was borne out of a genuine concern in society over how news reported by the MSM did not always tally with facts. For a start, it is advocating a 'Newspaper Free Tuesday'.

For details on the press conference and media statement go: here.

Hartal-MSM has also started a ‘Boycott the Newspapers!’ online petition. You can access it at :


zaitgha said...

not been buying and reading papers for so long i forgot how their front pages look like ha ha ha..

keep well and have a good day kak Ton

warrior2 said...

I am trying to be rational. Are we saying that readers of MSM are dumb and stupid and ignorant and only read newspapers for our source of inputs and news? That we cant think what is fact and fiction and what is a cover up?. To me that is the message that this act is promoting.

I read opposition publications too and I see all those "wild" allegations/news and false reportings as well as cover ups.

If I am to follow the lobbyist logic, I am to boycott these too.

Extend that to blogs. I should also boycott certain blogs if not all.

I read all kinds of publications and papers. At the end of the day, I make my own decisions and interpretations of what is going on.

Give us the rakyat some credit pls.

MaryKate said...

have not been ready mainstream papers for such a long time, am not going to pay for rubbish and distorted news and with blogs nowadays.

Anonymous said...

I've given up buying and reading the local papers long time ago.

I'd rather read the blogs!