Sunday, 27 January 2008

Suharto dies at 86

Al Fatihah.

Former Indonesian president Suharto, an army general who crushed Indonesia's communist movement and pushed aside the country's founding father to usher in 32 years of tough rule that saw up to a million political opponents killed, died Sunday.

He was 86.

"He has died,'' Dr Christian Johannes told The Associated Press, adding that he died at 1.10pm (2.10pm Malaysian time).

Dozens of doctors on Suharto's medical team had been rushed to the Pertamina Hospital in the capital, Jakarta, after his blood pressure fell suddenly Saturday night. Suharto had slipped out of consciousness for the first time in more than three weeks of treatment, doctors said.

Suharto, had been in intensive care with lung, heart and kidney failure since he was admitted to the hospital on Jan 4. Over the past week his physicians had spoken of a recovery, but by Sunday that had changed dramatically. - AP

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Anonymous said...

His critics say Suharto squandered Indonesia’s vast natural resources of oil, timber and gold, siphoning the nation’s wealth to benefit his cronies and family like a mafia don.

Does that sound familiar nearer to home?

But Suharto also oversaw decades of economic expansion that made Indonesia the envy of the developing world.

Will history remember him with kindness?

Anonymous said...

Finally, Pak Harto will meet his Creator.

May God have Mercy on you.

And may the good you have done outweigh the bad.

Rest in peace.

passerby said...


Semoga segala dosanya diampunkan Allah SWT.

Dan rohnya di rahmati olehNYA.

Anonymous said...

His eldest daughter Tutut said "May God bless him and forgive all of his mistakes."

What mistake? Mistake like killing a million of his political opponents?

She should ask forgiveness from family members of those her father had killed.

sesat said...

Now that he has passed on, I'd rather remember the good things he did for Indonesia and not speak ill of the dead.

Rest in peace, Pak Harto.

Anonymous said...


May Allah have Mercy on him.