Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A sharlinie look-alike seen at Danok, Thailand?

Has little Sharlinie been taken out of the country?

I shudder to think her captor/captors had managed to give the authorities the slip and taken Sharlinie to Thailand despite having distributed thousands of her posters at strategic locations nationwide.

According to a report in Harian Metro, a Thai man spotted a little girl who looked like little “Nini” in Danok, Thailand yesterday.

The man says the child was with a man in his 30s, at the Customs and Immigrations Complex at the Thai border. He reportedly spotted a poster of Nini and realised the child could be her.

“Saya tak pasti sama ada mungkin dia (Sharlinie) atau tidak tetapi saya nampak wajahnya hampir sama ketika poster ini diedarkan tadi (semalam) dan tak sangka pula kanak-kanak itu mangsa penculikan," he siad.

For full story read here:

I don't know how reliable that story is. But if there was any truth in the report, I wonder what the Malaysian authorities at the Thai border have been doing?

I hope it is a case of pelandok dua serupa or a mistaken identity and that Nini is still here in the country, unharmed and will soon be home with her family.


pemerhati said...

Police believe sharlinie is still in the country.

That's according the RTM1 morning news. Thank God for that.

Just hope the media, especially, the electronic media, will continue with updates on her as a reminder that Sharlinie is still missing and her abductor/s have yet to be caught.

Anonymous said...

The star online quoted the IGP as saying posters of Sharlinie and a photofit of the suspect had been sent to all border crossings.

He said the police had also alerted their counterparts in neighbouring countries to be on the lookout for the girl and the suspect.

I wonder if this was in response to the story reported in Harian Metro.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Dear Anon 8:31:00PM,

That was old news. The IGP said that last Thursday (Jan 10), one day after Sharlinie was reported missing. I checked it out.

So, definitely it was not in response to story which appeared in Harian Metro yesterday.

Firdaus Abd Rahman said...

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