Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cracks appearing in the Pakatan alliance? - Malaysiakini

DAP chairman Karpal Singh has called on Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to step down as head of the Pakatan Rakyat blaming him for creating trouble in the opposition alliance.

Pakatan, needs a new leader, he told a press conference in Georgetown adding that it was time for Anwar to repent because he has created enough trouble.

Karpal Singh said members of PKR and DAP had fallen sway to the rhetoric of Anwar, who had supported the cross-over of elected representatives.

Karpal to Anwar: Step down as Pakatan head - Malaysiakini
Feb 8, 09 5:54pm

In an outburst that could have deep implications for the Pakatan Rakyat alliance, DAP chairperson Karpal Singh today openly urged Anwar Ibrahim to step down as the leader of the alliance.

He blamed Anwar for the disarray in Pakatan which was caused by the PKR leader's continuous rhetoric of forming government with the aid of defectors from Barisan Nasional.

Karpal also had harsh words for his colleagues in DAP, especially party veteran Lim Kit Siang and party secretary general Lim Guan Eng - for their inconsistent stand on party hopping.

But the brunt of his anger was on Anwar, whom the veteran politician said had caused trouble in the opposition alliance.

Karpal did not mince his words when he said that Pakatan needed a new leader.

"He (Anwar) has created enough trouble and it is time for him to bertaubat (repent).

"It's time Pakatan got itself another leader," he said in an amazing attack which will surely be picked up by BN leaders to portray the Pakatan alliance as a loose one waiting to collapse.

Karpal's biggest complain was Anwar' support for defections of elected representatives.The Pakatan alliance took shape after the big victory enjoyed by PKR, PAS and DAP in the last general election. Together they took over four states, retained Kelantan and denied two-thirds majority for BN in Parliament.

After that Anwar had claimed that he had enough defectors from BN to form the federal government. However despite his repeated assurances, the takeover never materialise.

Then on Jan 25, PKR accepted an Umno state representative in Perak, with Anwar beaming in delight that this was to be followed by more defections.

However the tables were turned on Anwar and Pakatan when two Perak PKR state representatives and one DAP ssemblyperson left their parties to become independents. Even the defected Umno man returned to his party.

As a result Pakatan lost control of the state government, allowing BN to take over. - Continue here ...


Read the Bahasa Malaysia version (free): Karpal desak Anwar letak jawatan ketua Pakatan here

(This is the last thing Anwar needs. Bad for Anwar – definitely not at this juncture. And I wonder if this sentiment is shared by the other Pakatan, especially DAP leaders and what they have to say.)


Anonymous said...

The real enemy is the double face PAS and UMNO! Karpal is making one big mistake to topple Anwar, since Anwar is getting a lot of educated Malay support, and has contributed a lot and suffered a lot, and such Malay support includes from hidden ones, especially from the civil service. Yes, Anwar make a lot of mistakes but who doesn't, including what used to be very ethnocentric DAP before. As long as we realized and correct our mistakes, then we move on towards progressive history-making that will ensure real secular constitutional democracy rules in Malaysia, that ensures justice, equality and peace for ALL Malaysians! But by Karpal pursuing this, will however ensure Islamists from PAS and UMNO will get their big day!

Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman)

Anonymous said...

Katharina Sri

Kalau kau dah jadi German dan entah Masjid (atau ...) kamu pergi, jangan memekak dan membising di Malaysia.

You have no business to comment. and more so to express support for a homosexual like Anwar!

Anonymous said...

another kind of malaysian (hope you are). Yelling outside malaysia. Stop it. Shove it. The real war is here in Malaysia. Come here. And pls stop commenting.
if you are not malaysian. shut up.

org jati melayu.

Anonymous said...

R u murtad, hope not. From a noor to something western + indian..... and

Anonymous said...

Katharina Sri can say whatever she wants about anyone and anybody, and can believe whatever she wants. This is freedom.

She should know however that the real Islamists are PAS. UMNO has only hijacked Islam and Ketuanan Melayu for their own self-serving needs, greed and evil intentions.

If Katharina does not believe this, she must learn more about Islam. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion and strict political ideology of submission and many other things that we will not go into now.

Anwar must step down from the top leadership position and what Karpal says is true. This is for a stronger Pakatan Rakyat to become a reality.

Hang Tuo said...

Buzz off......if you are not local.

Nish Kaput macham ya!!!!!

Hang Tuo said...

Itu Benggali ada cakap terover dose malam ni.

Banyak kahau punya cakap dan sombong.

Anonymous said...

Just Karpal does not constitute a "crack".
Some men as they grow older become rigid and uncompromising in their thinking.
To them there is only one way, and it is usually theirs.
But we must all realise that in a multiethnic and multireligious nation, we should be willing to make some compromises and sacrifices.
Ironically, most of the younger voters get this and are willing to make adjustments.
To Karpal however, this is an alien concept.
Let's not let one man scuttle our ship. Just soldier on folks.

A watcher said...

Dey Karpal, blame it on that Hee woman-lah, the DAP woman who turned coat because she didnt get a new Camry.

Anak Watan said...

Anwar played with fire and got himself burnt. Padan muka mu, Anwar. Ini adalah satu iktibar untuk mu. Jangan terlalu TAKBUR. Senjata sudah makan tuan!

A Perakian said...

Now is not the time to apportion blame. PK still needs Anwar. There is none in the Alliance who can bring the other two – DAP & PAS - together , except Anwar. He is the force that binds all three parties, DAP, PKR and PAS in the Alliance.