Friday, 6 February 2009

Mayhem in Kuala Kangsar - Malaysiakini

LIVE REPORTS by Malaysiakini

Protest and tear gas rock royal city
Feb 6, 09 2:36pm

(The Sun's chronology of today's events here, the Star here)

The Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) fires several rounds of tear gas as 3,000 Pakatan Rakyat supporters converge for a protest march about 1km from Iskandariah palace in Kuala Kangsar.

4.55pm: The BN entourage is leaving the palace leading the convoy. Few minutes later Perak regent's car also passed by. All these vehicles were jeered and booed by the crowd.

4.30pm: Police confirm earlier that nine people have been arrested. The majority of the crowd have dispersed. Only a few hundreds are lingering in Ubudiah mosque.

4.01pm: Zambry is sworn in before Sultan Azlan Shah. About 1,000 people are still gathered near the mosque with the police keeping a close watch.

4.00pm: A man claiming to be a Perak PAS representative addresses some 1,000 protesters using a loud-hailer from a police truck.

He tells them that they have already 'conveyed their message to the world' and calls on them to disperse.

3.58pm: Swearing-in ceremony for new Perak Menteri Besar, Zambry Abdul Kadir, begins.

3.50pm: There are about 1,000 protesters still in Ubudiah mosque. About 10 people have been arrested during the 40-minute fracas between the crowd and riot police.

The remaining crowd is expected to wait for the swearing-in ceremony at the Iskandariah palace. According to PAS state assemblyperson Khalilul Rahman Abdul Samad, the protesters may attempt to block the main road again.

Swearing-in ceremony yet to begin at the palace.

3.45pm: No protesters could be seen in front of the Iskandariah palace where the new Perak Menteri Besar, Zambry Abdul Kadir, is about to be sworn in.

3.33pm: State PAS leaders arrive at the scene and urge Pakatan Rakyat supporters to calm down. Swearing in ceremony for new MB is about to begin.

3.25pm: The situation calms down at the mosque and several people are seen crying.

3.20pm: Police have finally cleared the blockade by the crowd and all cars are able to proceed to Iskandariah Palace.

3.19pm: A vehicle with a yellow (royal) registration plate is pelted with stones by angry supporters.

3.18pm: Tear gas still being fired into the mosque compound. Deputy Premier Najib Abdul Razak's car enters the palace.

3.11pm: A group of protesters are lying on the road to block the passing cars.3.10pm: FRU personnel manage to remove the bloackade and cars are passing through to the palace.

3.08pm: Tear gas is fired at those blocking the road. The FRU are also arresting those blocking the road.

3.06pm: About 300 people are blocking the road leading to the palace, stopping dignitaries and BN politicians from attending the swearing-in ceremony, which is to kick off at 3.30pm.

3.04pm: The crowd is dispersed. Some are trying to block the road leading to the palace.

3.01pm: FRU charges at the crowd. A handful are seen throwing stones at the police.

2.59pm: More tear gas is fired into the mosque carpark.

2.58pm: Crowd retreats to the mosque.

2.50pm: Another round of tear gas is fired. Crowd refuses to back down with some throwing rocks at the FRU personnel.

2.43pm: Police tells the crowd to disperse.

2.41pm:The crowd swells to about 3,000 with some carrying banners calling on the sultan to dissolve the state assembly. FRU personnel are moving into position.

Earlier report

Some 500 Pakatan Rakyat supporters broke through a police barricade outside the Ubudiah mosque in Kuala Kangsar - about 1km from the Iskandariah Palace - during a protest march this afternoon.

At precisely 2.22pm, the supporters, which included a large group of women, had gathered outside the mosque after Friday prayers.They had wanted to march from the mosque to the Iskandariah Palace where the swearing in of the new Perak menteri besar is scheduled to take place at 3.30pm

.At 2.26pm, the crowd breaches the police barricade, and at 2.28pm, the police retaliate by firing several rounds of tear gas.

This forced the supporters to retreat back into the mosque.The police have deployed some 30 Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) and 20 uniformed personnel.

At 2.40pm, the crowd regroups outside the mosque as police sirens are heard blaring in the background.

It is learnt that several truckloads of FRU personnel are being deployed to the scene.


A Voice said...

Can we entrust the running of Government by political parties that behave like mobsters?

Kulindod said...

Voice, Can we trust the future PM which is Pembunuh?