Monday, 16 February 2009

PKR Exco files police report over nude pictures – Malaysiakini

Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong, whose nude photographs are being circulated in public, has made a report urging the police to investigate the matter. – Malaysiakini

According to the Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson, she lodged the report at the Damansara police station in Petaling Jaya at about 11pm last night.

It is believed that the photographs were taken using a camera phone without her consent most likely by a former boyfriend while she was sleeping.

Malaysiakini has seen a couple of the photos, one of which shows the tourism, consumer affairs and environment exco, asleep naked in bed.

The 37-year-old Pakatan Rakyat politician has been severely traumatised by the release of the photos.

She told Malaysiakini that it was a gross invasion of her privacy.

"I'm a little speechless and at loss of words," she said, adding that she would leave to the police to find the culprit who circulated the photos.

The photos have been sent to a number of newspapers, including The Sun and Malay Mail, which today ran reports on the matter.

According to one of her supporters, the release of the photos is aimed at casting aspersions on her and Pakatan ahead of two crucial by-elections in April, in Kedah and Perak.

In a statement released this afternoon, Wong said she was informed that some people are trying to distribute photos/videos showing her asleep in partial nudity and also in intimate positions.

"The distribution and publication of these photos/video is a malicious attack on my personality.

"This constitutes a gross outrage on my modesty, a gross invasion of my privacy, and in particular the sanctity of my personal life. It is being done by unscrupulous persons to embarrass and discredit me.

"I am a victim in this incident," she added.

Contacted this morning, Petaling Jaya police district chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed that a police report had been lodged last night.

"We have not seen the photographs yet. We have to determine how the photos are being distributed before classifying the case.

"Different methods of distribution will fall under different sections (of the law)," he said, adding that police will definitely investigate the matter.


Lee said...

Politics will get dirtier and dirtier after March 31 2009!Even as we approach the date, so many unsavory events had happened.In the midst of fending off a possible depression, we are faced with so many situations pertaining to race, corruption and morality.No wonder the Yang Di Pertuan Agong is hoping that there will be a peaceful transition of power.There will be one by election after another.Whether BN will benefit or not is left to be seen...!In a by election, the peoples will definitely be involved.

Ex-Boyfriend said...
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kate said...

Why this khir Toyo so sibuk-sibuk one ah? Haiya, cannot compare Chua Soi Lek's case with Liz's lah. That guy - Soi Lek - was involved in extra-marital affair. Lied to his wife. Had sex with another woman.

Liz is a single woman. What she does in private is her personal affair.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is a gross invasion of her privacy & I believe it is politically motiavted.

Observer said...

This is politics below the belt. The ones how try to make political capital out of this, like Khir Toyo, will end as the losers, as they are the ones who are shamelessly hitting below the lady's belt. Khir's excited enthusiasm over this unfortunate lady's nude pictures will certainly not help his reputation, which was severely damaged after he, as the Menteri Besar, led the BN coalition to an overwhelming and disastrous defeat by the opposition in Selangor. He is certainly a man with no shame!

Anonymous said...

every time PR did something bad it has to be politically motivated. Wake up la. This is not euope where nudity is ok.
bodoh. To make it worse a malay muslim condone the act by saying it is politically motivated.
Dalam islam, mandi pun kena pakai kain basahan tau.
Since this is islamic country, where the hell is your guys value!! The evidence is CLEAR!!

Lee said...

It's not the peoples, nor the issues
This new gutter politics of the unscrupulous
It's corruptions and dirty blackmails big time
How low will they go?
It's gonna be the lowest of the low!
It's not just Hee induced to hop
Or Arumugam forced to opt
They will confuse, misuse and abuse and will not stop
Till Kedah, Selangor, like Perak, hit the rock!

Nafastari said...

I'm a Muslim, a practising one. I think it's politically motivated, too! Yes, u may call this country is an Islamic country whatsoever but Elizabeth is not a Muslim. Her pic was taken without her consent, while asleep. If you forget to put on your kain basahan while taking shower, it's still ok because it's only between you and God (well, u may get sin if u believe it to be so). But Khair Toyo or any other man is not expected to snap your nude photo surreptitiosly!

Anonymous said...

YB Elizabeth Wong

So, what does "TB" stand for?

Yang Berbogel!

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Anonymous said...

Its YB u st****Pd.. not TB... go back to primary one..