Thursday, 5 February 2009

Nizar: No need for me to quit - Malaysiakini

Perak Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin said there was no reason for him to step down from his post as requested by the state's Barisan Nasional chief Najib Abdul Razak. - Malaysiakini .

He said that he was still the head of the state government until the state assembly was dissolved by the sultan.Alternatively, he argued, the BN should try to call for a vote of no confidence against him to force him to step down.

Speaking at a press conference at his official residence last night, Mohd Nizar said the suggestion by Deputy Prime Minister Najib did not reflect what was stipulated in the Perak constitution.

"Under what condition and under what law is the Barisan Nasional deputy chief referring to? Whatever that you want to do, (it) has to be based on the Perak constitution.

"Let's be professional about it. We Perakians are professional people. We would like the would-be prime minister to observe all those conditions as well," he said.

Based on the Perak constitution, Mohd Nizar said Pakatan was still the legitimate government unless the state assembly sits to pass a motion of no-confidence or if the coalition government resigns.

"Changing governments is not like changing your favourite coffee stall. You have to follow the procedures," he added.

Mohd Nizar also chided Najib for trying to take over the Perak government through unconstitutional means.

"He is just trying to scare people... he wants to do things that is not respecting the Perak constitution.

"I humbly request Najib - who will soon be prime minister - to exercise his fairness and justice to the people of Perak," he said.

To a question, Mohd Nizar said that the Pakatan government would continue to function normally until the sultan decides on a request to dissolve the state assembly.


Lee said...

Nizar is still the MB until such time when the State assembly pass a no confidence vote on him.The Sultan can take his time to decide what to do, meanwhile the State Government continues to function without the three representatives who have let the electorates down.With 28 seats each, neither Pakatan nor BN can claim the right to form the Goverment.The Sultan is in the best position to know what to do, being a former Chief Justice and have written on such a situation in his book.The three turncoats cannot be trusted and are not fit to be in any Party, including UMNO.The instability will be there as long as we do not know what the three turncoats are going to do next!

minion said...

"Changing governments is not like changing your favourite coffee stall. You have to follow the procedures," he added."

owh yeah.when it hits them,somehow they asked for "rationality" from people.why didn't Nizar question the rationality of Anwar wanting to form govt by defecting?.

changing govt obviously aint like changing the coffee stalls.but Perak PR is going to fall :)