Friday, 6 February 2009

Ku Li: Dont take power by dubious means - Malaysiakini

Ku Li: Not right way to take power

Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has warned party leaders that gaining the Perak state government without resorting to elections would result in enmity of the Perak voters come the next general election.

Razaleigh, who is also Gua Musang MP, said Umno and BN should try and win the hearts of the people and not gain the government by dubious means.

"If the Ruler decides not to accede to the MB's request for the dissolution of Parliament, and BN is invited to form a state government on the basis of these dubious crossovers, I think it would anger a large section of the Malaysian public," said the Kelantan prince in his blog.

"Our taking control without resorting to elections would cement the enmity of the very people we should be trying to win back at the next election. Come the next general election, they are likely to reject both our state and parliamentary candidates with greater vehemence, and not just in Perak."

Calling the BN celebration as "premature", Razaleigh said the constitution states the role of the Ruler in crisis must be respected.

He said the Sultan of Perak is sworn to uphold and protect this constitutional process and the Ruler's powers and those of the legislative assembly act as checks and balances on each other to prevent abuse of power.

"Defections are not the basis for the formation of a government. Elections are."


mawar said...

Yes! The right thing to do is to call for a fresh mandate from the people and let them decide again.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that people who open their mouth comes from "dubious" background.

The fact of the matter is that, Razaligh or Parti Keliru Rakyat cannot anymore claim higher moral ground. One has Kermit as an anccestor, the other is a frog through and through.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

matt said...

I am against cross-overs – either by politicians, especially MPs and assemblymen - from BN or from the Opposition. Such an act is wrong. To me, it is an act of betrayal to the voters who voted these representatives for the party they represent.

I still think that the assembly should be called during which the state assemblymen can pass a motion of confidence/non-confidence for/against the MB.

Then if the latter is the case, dissolve the assembly, call for a fresh election and let the people decide for themselves.

Just as I believe what Anwar wanted to do on 16/9/08 to wrest power through defections, which failed to materialise, is wrong, so too is the power grab by Najib.

I totally agree with what Ku Li said.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When it's law versus law
There'll be great wounds raw
With both sides using their claws
To create pictures artists fear to draw

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060209
Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

Anonymous said...

did ku li not takeover kelantan by dubious mean also?

A Perakian said...

Congratulations Najib. You have checkmated Anwar in his on defection game!

nt umno said...

After losing in two free and fair by-elections, Najib finally claims victory in Perak by undemocratic means.

Yes Tahniah, Najib! You can now thump your chest and shout “victory!”.

a fed up citizen said...

I am just disgusted!

The reps for PKR were voted in for the parties they represented, not the individuals.

rakyat biasa said...

It's sad that there are JUST too many politicians (leaders included) who are self–serving & who believe that the end justifies the means even if it is unethically & morally wrong!

beach boy said...

i'm happy that BN got their hands again on Perak.but i'm sad at the same time when they took over Perak not by proper election process.

i prefer if they win by the decision of the voters and not by seems that Najib wanna show that he's "ready" and "capable" to be the next Prime Minister.what say all of you about that?

youth attack said...

as much as i'm glad that BN successfully managed to get their hands on again at Perak,still there's a sad part about it.i'm much more happy if BN win the state through a democratic method - election - and not by's for people to decide of which party they want and not the party to decide.

Anwar and Najib - both should not know and must be aware that it's the people that should decide and vote for any party and candidate that the people feels reliable.

to PR,accept the fact that you guys have been beaten in your own game.dont make it as if it's ok when you guys win any DUN,Parlimen,Negeri and Negara by party-hopping and not ok for any other political parties to do so.