Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Anwar leaves it to Zaid to decide - Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini reports:

Syed Jaymal Zahiid
Dec 3, 08 3:03pm

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim today said it was now up to Zaid Ibrahim (picture right)to decide if he wanted to join PKR or any other opposition parties following Umno's decision to sack him yesterday.

The PKR leader also said that while he would welcome Zaid into the Pakatan alliance, it would however only be apt to give the former minister some time to reflect his current situation.

Umno last night decided to sack Zaid after he was seen in the company of opposition leaders and at opposition events - the most recent being his presence at the PKR annual meeting last Saturday.

"It is his choice. He has been discussing with PKR leaders, DAP and PAS and they seem to be comfortable with him because we have seen him rather steadfast in defending the principles of human rights and very committed in his stance against draconian laws (like the) ISA.

"I think he is an asset to the nation. We welcome him to be more involved, we have been engaging in principle agendas together.

"We've had discussions but I don't want to be seen to be pushing him in the direction. Let him have the space to reflect now that he has been unceremoniously dismissed as a member of Umno," Anwar told a press conference in Parliament this morning.

Asked if there was an attempt to convince Zaid to join Pakatan, Anwar said that there was never an issue of him trying to convince the ex-minister.

He added that Zaid shared common principles with the Pakatan parties as far as human rights and other issues were concerned.

Zaid has often been perceived as a renegade in Umno and the government for his vocal criticism of various government policies, notably the judiciary and the ISA.

In September, Zaid tendered his resignation as law minister in protest after a fallout with the government after it invoked the ISA to arrest several opposition figures.

To many Umno leaders and members, his outspokenness against his own party and government was unacceptable.

They felt the final straw was Zaid's attendance at the PKR congress last Saturday. The day before, he was seen at a DAP dinner in Penang.

His presence at the congress, as well as his statement that he was "keeping his options open", further fuelled speculation that he had intentions of joining the opposition.

Sacking reflects Umno's intolerance

Commenting on the sacking, Anwar said that it was "extreme" and reflected on the lack of tolerance the Malay-based party had for differences in opinion.

"We have seen even in our parties people engaging with Umno leaders, participating in functions and giving statements not particularly reflective of our party position but we speak to them and persuade them to tow the line.

"This only shows the intolerance of Umno towards any difference of opinions and what is weird for me is that discussions with other parties should not be an issue but that is the party's problem.

"We hope that Zaid would take this as a challenge and step into the arena," said Anwar.


Anonymous said...

Kutip!!Kutip!!Recycle bin dah bersuara, suara2 segan tapi mahu. Hehe. Pancing2 pulak, cakap je lah memang nak Zaid masuk, bukan orang tak tahu PKR tu macam mana. Heheheh

Anonymous said...

I say good riddance to Zaid.

He's been asking to be sacked, if you ask me. No he wouldnt resign on his own.

This is the man Pak Lah put so much trust (a stupid move on the PM's part) appointing him as the de facto Law Minister - the so-called Malay liberal - who got in the Cabinet through the back door!

Zaid forgets he is where he is - one of the richest Malay lawyers, on account of Umno. Chish! Ibarat kacang lupakan kulit.

Anonymous said...

Naah he wont resigned on his own accord. He wanted to be a hero. He got what he wanted.

Why is Umno so bodoh?

Anonymous said...

Dah tu takkan nak simpan lagi bangkai macam tu. Nak bagi dia burukkan UMNO lagi?Hero ke tak hero ke, tu bukan tindakan bodoh, tu satu tindakan yang patut, takkan semata2 taknak bagi dia jadi hero, kena simpan dia? Bagi dia buat macam tu? Entah apa lagi dia pergi tolong orang sana bagitau apa2. Tak perlu jadi bodoh nak simpan dia bagi dia tak jadi hero..

Anonymous said...

Zaid memang tak sedar diri. Tak kenang dek untung...Haprak betul... Sekarang ni si Anwar si pengutip sampah recycle bersedia untuk kutip hang masuk tong sampah dia... Hang mau ka tak mau ka, lantak pi kat hang... Masa hang dalam UMNO pun, hang duk menyusahkan aja. Lagipun hang juga nak UMNO pecat hang sebab kononnya bila dipecat, hang adalah hero tapi sebenarnya hang tu sampah....

Anonymous said...

Tak guna simpan orang macam Zaid ni... Memang bagus kena pecat. Nka simpan pun tak guna. Kalau UMNO serah terus beliau ke PKR pun lagi bagus. PKR memang pengutip 'besi buruk'. Besi buruk pun ada harga tau....

Anonymous said...

" old newspaper, old bateri, old magazine, old tv, old frig. ....
old......30sen a kilo ...!"
" old man mau ah !?"
" ha..! no no , tak mau !
" old lady !?"
" aiya...tak mau lah !!"

Anonymous said...

zAID o zAID, u have wasted our poor blood money :
1) rm10,500,000.00 to 6 (six, enam)
SACKED judges !
2) rm81,000.00 of makan besar to the vips ( lawyers termasuk )!

u better ATONE & pulangkan duit-darah kami = jangan berdosa !