Friday, 2 May 2008

Dewan live telecasts might be stopped

Updates: 6.50pm

Parliament live telecast to continue: here

Dont you think, he looks silly. Information Minister Shabery Chik, I mean. Yesterday he said (read here) the 30-minute live telecast of the Dewan Rakyat proceedings might be stopped because the MPS didnt behave themselves. And a few hours ago he made an around-about-turn and annouced the live telecast will continue. Now, will the PM scrap it when he comes back?

Earlier report:

Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Badawi who described the chaos that happened on Dewan Rakyat's first day as "too much" prefers the 30-minute live telecast of the House's proceedings by RTM1 to be stopped.

He said he was ashamed by what happened and more so it was seen by all and sundry

"I think it was because of the live telecast, everyone wanted to be seen to be in action when the broadcast was done," he told reporters in Kuwait before leaving for Saudi Arabia to perform his Umrah. (read here)

Following what happened, the matter is expected to be discussed at today's cabinet meeting, according to Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Chik. (read here )

"The government's decision to have the telecasts was because we sincerely want to serve the people...the Cabinet meetings were also moved to Fridays to enable ministers to be present to provide answers but it has not been appreciated," he said.

However, all Member of Parliaments want the telecasts to continue.

Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said the live telecast should be continued to enable the people to see for themselves the actions of their representatives in the House.

Dr Wan Junaidi said the government must be flexible on the issue as it was too early to make a judgement on the telecast, he said at a news conference in Kuching.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister and Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad said the experiment of using live telecasts should continue to “see what happens”.

On Wednesday, the Dewan Rakyat’s Question Time which was being broadcast live for the first time in history was delayed by more than 30 minutes because of bickering over procedural matters and arguments over trivial issues.


Ingin tahu said...

If these MPs are making a clown of themselves why dont the Speaker just ban them?

Why stop the telecast? Why?

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
The Speaker made many controversial decisions which not only irked the opposition but the populace at large. The most glaring is the offer for the first speaker to be from the back bencher and not the opposition leader as the norms and not to allow any supplementary questions. It was like setting up a show so that no embarassing question will be fielded to the Prime Minister who may be made to look foolish should he come up with a silly answer to a simple question.
Do you think they would like the world to see that live?
That is how I perceive it.

Anonymous said...

PM said: "he was ashamed by what happened and more so it was seen by all and sundry."

Not true. How about when the PM tertidor or giving stupid replies.The whole of Malaysia can see. (Singapore too) Not to mention the habit of digging noses.

That is why the live telecast must be stopped. Not because of the lively and aggressive debate.

Rozaimi said...

I guess that is what happened when you appoint the speaker just for the sake of having one and not because he is capable and deserve the post (remember, to buy the sbahan and sarawakian on the ministerial post issues?).

There was also another report in The Star on line that Shaberi is going to announce today that the live telecast will continue. Funny right. He makes himself like a clown. First he said no then he said yes. He needs to think before he talks or at least consult the cabinet before passing any remarks. He should realise that he does not have much power to decide.

Please do not give us another Zam or Nazri Aziz.