Sunday, 11 May 2008

Hui Min's family to sue NS training Department for negligence

The family of Too Hui Min, the national service (NS) trainee who died after complaining of constipation, is suing the NS Training Department for negligence.

“We believe it was more than constipation and we want justice for our daughter,” said Hui Min’s mother Chin Kwee Choo, 52. (pic. right)

“How can a healthy girl die all of a sudden like this?” she asked.

Hui Min, from Geo Kosmo NS Training Camp in Kuala Kubu Baru, died at Slim River Hospital on Wednesday at 10.45pm after complaining of constipation.

The distraught mother said that despite passing with flying colours in her SPM examination last year, Hui Min did not have big dreams. The 7As scorer only wished to be a tour guide.

Chin said she and her husband Jong Sing were not satisfied with the explanation that their daughter died of toxic megacolon.

“We want to know what happened,” she said during a press conference.

Star has the full story here.

(Good for the parents. I would too, if I were in the same situation. I've lost my child under their care and received no satisfactory explanation regarding her death. Hui Min's parents have every right to get to the bottom of this. Someone has to take responsibility for the tragedy. No amount of monetary compenasation to the parents can bring the poor child back. This ought to be a lesson for the authorities concerned. You're dealing with the lives of children whose parents have entrusted them under your care. )


elviza said...

they should really stop this program since the first death case.

It serves little purpose other than wasting good tax payers money.

My 2cents lah.

Happy Mother's Day! Miss ya...

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
This NS Service training is more of a money making program for certain people and their cronies and should be revamped. By now participants should be on voluntary basis and if the program is any good, new participants should be quieing to join them as part of an extra curriculum that should count towards university entry or work application.
Otherswise scrapping it will be the only better option.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi elviza,

Totally agree with you. As I've said - good intention but bad implementation. The whole programme wasnt properly planned, otherwise how do you explain all the screw-ups.

Happy Mother's day to you too. Hope to see you this Tuesday.

"Hugs" and give my kiss to Luqman.

IBU said...

It's time 'they' are taken to task.

mob1900 said...

A mother loses her daughter a few days before Mother's Day, and yet all the culprits gets off scot free.

I wish all the mothers in the world to have a great Mother's Day and spared from this grief and loss.

Hi&Lo said...

I see Hui Min's family action as a challenge on behalf of all trainees to ensure safety and security are in place at the camps. No money in the world can buy back Hui Min's life.

Her death was preventable and unnecessary.

Hi&Lo said...

Kak Ton,

Sorry for diversion.

I like to recommend you medical thrillers by Michael Palmer. He is a trauma specialist and also involved in support group for doctors in US.

Palmer brings up medical issues related to ethics.

Currently reading "Society". It's about Health management organisation which Malaysia at one time wanted to implement. We have a few HMO companies in our midst. Offhand cannot remember their names.

"Miracle Cure" was abt how pharma co can manipulate clinical trials and the mechanism of drug registration by the FDA (Fed Drug Agency).

Palmer's books are better than hollywood dramas cos his are real life situations from his experience and interaction with professionals and patients.