Friday, 30 May 2008

Dr M hit the one Million jackpot...

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hit the 1 million mark today after being a blogger slightly less than a month. That comes to an average of more than 33,333 hits per day. Wow! That's the magic number which most bloggers dream of achieving.

Anyway, congratulations Tun!

Here's an excerpt from his latest entry on, what else, if it is not on being a member of, "THE MILLIONAIRE CLUB". Here's what theTun said:

Touching one million hits among bloggers seem to be something to be celebrated.

I was told that most bloggers will congratulate each other when one of them hits the million mark, and call the one millionaire.

Some bloggers have described my achieving the million mark within a month of my first posting as something phenomenal; one even suggested that it may be a world record of sorts. I do not know whether it is.

To me, what is more important is that I have managed to generate enough interest
to get that kind of traffic in my blog.

It is quite an experience to be a blogger even though I am only a month-old.

Much as I saw the importance of cyberspace during my tenure as Prime Minister and hence my commitment to the setting up of Cyberjaya and pursuing the Multi-media Super Corridor (MSC), I did not envisage that I would one day be a blogger.

I note that now the government has recognised the importance of the blogs. It is proposing to have its own blog. But more importantly the mainstream media are now quoting from the blog and even dare to write on formerly forbidden subjects.

This is tobe expected as many people no longer read the mainstream papers or watch television.

The NST circulation has been reduced to an average of 135,000 daily including free and discounted copies for hotels, schools and airlines.Unless there is instruction to spin news from certain quarters, the mainstream media might become irrelevant. Read more here .


su-kj said...

A.kum Kak Maria,

1. Sikit la jika 1million only?

2. As ex PM, ia sepatutnya mencecah 2juta.

3. Anyway, he can take 'hadiah'...keluar UMNO!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'll repeat what i said at rocky's...HE DA MAN!

Anonymous said...

Big deal!!!

You use a robot programme which pings on the mamak website using x computers, pinging at x seconds, x days. You get millions, billions....
what does that prove?

Moo... said...

Woooow one million in three months.

Hope it is translated in the numbers of supporters in UMNO, than this will be a real jackpot for him

Anonymous said...

wow! some people just have all the hate. for anything. and everything. what a sad life they live. so here are hugs for the both of you((((su-kj)))(((anon@5:32:00 AM)))