Thursday, 1 May 2008

Don't believe internet stories about me - Rosmah

The Deputy Prime Minister’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has slammed those who posted slanderous allegations about her on the Internet, stating they were not true .

Whatever you read on the Internet, don’t telan bulat-bulat (dont swallow them wholesale), she said.

“I guarantee that all the stories on the Internet about me are not true,” she said in her speech last night at a charity dinner organised by the Kuala Lumpur Utara Perkim Women’s group.

Those who needed clarifications should ask her directly, she was quoted by the Star.

Read here.

(Wonder what are the "untruths" that these bloggers have been spreading on the internet about our Dear Datin Seri. Hmmm. Yup, your guess is as good as mine. Anyway, can I ask you a question (since you say we could ask you directly)? How do you manage to look so "awet muda" . I do envy you, you know. A lot of women have been commenting on your "youthful look". Care to share your secret of eternal youth? Oh! oh! Sorry I asked. If you do tell us , then it wont be a secret no more. Lol! )


Wanita Melayu terakhir said...

Lol Tok Mommy. It certainly aint due to taking "Jamu".

It's "botox" lah ...and a little nip here and a nip there. That's it!

Anonymous said...

Haiyaah!! Not a secretlah.

Her look now is not what it was two years ago.

She had a face lift, a nose job, botox injection to get rid of the lines on her forehead, eye-lift...the whole works. Believe me.

Too bad she cant do much about her weight. He he he!

athea said...

cosmetic surgery is the's nonsense when you see someone her age have a very tight wrinkle free skin..perhaps she could be the next michael

Anonymous said...

All these comments are typical gossip of the lowest level. I may not like Rosmah that much..but if she wants to look young, it is her business and none others...bertambah dosa saja making fun of people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5{46:00PM

Hello, It comes with the territory.

You are the wife of the No: 2 man in the country. Apa dia buat will be under scrutiny.

It's not gossip. It is a fact she had a face lift. That is not a secret.

Dosa? Ha, you dont know her. And hey, dont be preachy!

orang Negoghi said...

"Dont believe all the stories on the internet..."

What about half of the stories or some of the stories? Boleh pakai tak?

Pokok tak bergoyang kalau tak ada angin. There is no smoke without fire.

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
At least we know that she reads blogs. Maybe yours too.
She is right we should not believe the stories about her in the internet. We shold not believe the stories about her husband in the internet too. I will have to ask RPK to confirm his stories about the Altantuya case especially after the DPM's press secretary's letter to RPK. Read it here:
The saddest part is that Dr. Sharibu couldn't meet our DPM after waiting for half a day at Parliament House. Now we know there are other entrance and exit to Dewam Parlimen.

Rozaimi said...

"Don’t believe those who use deceit to get positions. They are willing to fool the community to get what they want. May Allah forgive them and may they return to the right path.”

I like this statement, not because I admire she talking about the people in UMNO? Coz I think that statement reflects most UMNO people.

Bung Karno said...


Lawa pun orang komen, tak cantik orang cemuh. Sendiri punya muka sendiri punya suka nak buat apa.

Tapi kalau semua macam Rosmah, cantik-cantik, lawa-lawa, awet muda....

novice101 said...

Tok Mommy, care to direct your questionon the youthful look to Mohd. Khir, he may want to tell you the secret, just to keep himself in the news.

Anonymous said...

Like they say: "It comes with the territory."

You chose to be this man's wife remember? It's not as though you didnt know...that you had no choice You knew it.

I am sure you're aware of what it is like to be the wife of a polician, what more, that spouse of the No.2 man in the country. And as a rule poeple want to know what the wife of this man is like.

You are under the constant stare of the public, that is for sure.

There are alot of stories about you which unfortunately do not put you in a good light.

So tell us, which part of the stories arent true - that you are a terrible step mother, you are a queen-control, you cant stand competition and you're bossy?

Anonymous said...