Monday, 26 May 2008

Govt should develop P. Pisang to avoid future claims by S'pore

To avoid making the same mistake the Government should develop Pulau Pisang, which has a light house operated by Singapore, so that we will not lose another island again like we did with Pulau Batu Puteh to our neighbour down south.

Pontian MP Ahmad Maslan who expressed his concern made the suggestion to avoid “banana trees from fruiting twice” (a similar situation recurring).

It is also to ensure the country's sovereignty over Pulau Pisang and to prevent Singapore from making a claim on the island, located some five kilometres from the coast of Pontian, Johor. This is what he said:

Why should Singapore be allowed to keep the lighthouse there? Wisma Putra told me that under the present agreement, Singapore is allowed to maintain the lighthouse as long as it is still being used and for as long as there are stars and a moon.

“But in this day and age, no ship uses a lighthouse and all of them now rely on global positioning system and radar to guide them. So what’s the use of the lighthouse?” he said.

The Government, Ahmad added, should develop the island into a tourist and recreation area.

“In fact, I have proposed for the island to be included into a national park nearby,” he said, adding that besides the lighthouse, Pulau Pisang - comprising four smaller islands - now housed some fruit orchards and two smallhouses. - The star


su-kj said...

A.kum Kak Maria,

1. Batul Kak Maria, kita kena bangunkan Pulau Pisang tu, kalau tak membazir jer.

2. Susah-susah sangat usahakan tanaman kebun pisang jer.

3. Lepas tu pastikan tidak ada beruk yang terlepas ke situ. Kalau tak beruk kenyang kita putih mata lagi.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Tok Mommy,

According to the treaty, S'pore built and can operate the P. Pisang lighthouse in perpetuity. i.e., "as long as she wants to" but is not permitted any other activity on the island.

You will note that this is the same condition given to KTM for all their land incl. railway station in S'pore which are definitely worth more than P. Pisang.

So if we can kick S'pore out of P.Pisang, by the same token they can also kick KTM out. I believe we already gave up our old navy base in Woodlands without any compensations.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes, thats a great idea. and while we're at it, we should destroy the lighthouse that stands like a sorethumb in the process.

Anonymous said...

tok mommy

thumbs up. aint time these ministers earn their keep. this is sovereignity and they better dont lose another island!

ruzman said...

Pontian MP should think before he talk. Yes, lighthouse is the thing of the past, but it's still being used today. GPS alone and Radar alone is not enough to navigate through the straits, there must be a lighthouse.

The lighthouse is to be used in conjunction with GPS and Radar and a lot more naviagation equipment.

Thinking about destroying a lighthouse shows our vandalism attitude not knowing how to appreciate,Japan spent a lot of money in funding the installation and maintenance of navigation aid including lighthouse, through japan malacca straits council. Jangan jadi kera dapat bunga dah le.

jaflam said...

Kak Maria,

The Potian MP made the right call at the Parliament. We should not allowed the Singaporean to man the lighthouse anymore and cling to the agreement that outlive its intent. I have been to that lighthouse and it can be operated unmanned without any difficulty. Practically even without the lighthouse navigation in that stretch of water is safe with other navigational aids and radar based surveillance system that managing traffic in the straits. They can even tear down the light house and take it back to Singapore, if need be we can erect our own lighthouse without any difficulty.

I hope there is enough courage and legal brain left here to resolve the issue, if we have a sincere neighbor this would not have happened. I hope the Pontian MP and our leaders will not sleep again until the Pu Pisang issue is resolved.

Ydiana said...

As'kum Tok Mummy

I totally agree with Mr Jaflam on his views and in fact, its up to Singapore if they want to tear it down or leave it there for us to man. Just make sure that they don't have any excuse to claim it in future. If we lose the island, bear in mind, its not just the island but also the waters surrounding it. Our fisherman will not be able to fish there, let alone cross it without permission. Pray it won't happen.