Thursday, 1 May 2008

Dr Mahathir the blogger

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has his own blog simply named “Dr Mahathir Mohamad,” at

“This site is dedicated to publishing my writings as and when I am able to pen my thoughts and opinion,” he says.

His first posting today is on The Appointment of Judges in which he tackles the issue of judicial reform, noting that there have been no details on how the recently announced Judicial Appointments Commission will work.

He also notes that the Constitution would have to be amended to validate any changes in how judges are currently appointed.

The Star has the story here .
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anak generasi Dr M said...

Wow, at the time of my visit to Dr M's blog, his hit has already reached 41,958.

Like many of his admirers, am looking forward to reading his thoughts.

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Yes, mahathir, a weak govt. is no good. YOURS was so strong it could do no wrong. Pl. read the blogs on the Altantuyu case and RPK. HOW malaysia has gone the drain when you played with the scales of JUSTICE. The courts of malaysian justice is in a mess. You messed with the lives of the rakyat. I DAMN YOU. Be not afraid you will live long, I assure you.

Zalina said...

I am a mother of 3 children. My eldest son is the first group of PPSMI and he is sitting for the UPSR this year. I am VERY disappointed when the government announced to abolish the PPSMI as I found that English is a good medium for our children to learn maths and science. When we talk about maths and science, it is about calculation, and calculation needs us to think fast, so how to think fast? It is by using a simple and short words / phrases and are we realise that Bahasa Melayu always use a long word / phrases? Let us look at this simple example of counting 1 to 10, only 11 words that come out from our mouth to count 1 to 10 in English whereas if we count them in Bahasa, we need to say about 22 words to finish counting 1 to 10. That is why chinese students from chinese school are cleverer in maths and science because they count faster by using Mandarin. So are the Japanese (that is why they need not learn those subjects in English). Bahasa Melayu will still be the national language, it is just that we have to learn maths and science in English so that we can think fast and compete globally.