Saturday, 3 May 2008

Sultan orders Nizar to reinstate Jamry

"... action taken without royal consent was considered an act of total disregard for the Sultan and himself."

The Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah has ordered Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin to reinstate Datuk Jamry Sury as Perak Religious Department (JAIP) director with immediate effect.

The Regent of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, acting on orders from the Sultan and in his capacity as Perak Malay Customs and Religious Council chairman, summoned Nizar to his palace here at 11am yesterday to convey the order to him.

Nizar, who was at that time chairing the Perak Water Board meeting, gave waiting reporters the slip as he rushed off to the palace to meet Raja Nazrin.

In a statement issued by the palace later, Raja Nazrin told Nizar that all Islamic matters, including those involving religious bodies and agencies, came under the jurisdiction of the Sultan.

“As such, the Mentri Besar is responsible to seek the consent of the Sultan or the Regent pertaining to issues of appointment, placement and transfer of officers and staff who manage Islamic affairs, what more a person who holds such an important post,” he said.

He added that Jamry, as the JAIP director, was also the secretary of the council and his appointment three years ago had received the Sultan’s blessings.

Raja Nazrin also said that any action taken without royal consent was considered an act of total disregard for the Sultan and himself.

“This working relationship of mutual respect has always been the working culture and convention revered by previous Mentris Besar and the palace.

“As such, it should be respected at all times,” he said.

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a Perakian said...

This is a blow for Nizar. No?

Come to think of it, shouldn't the MB have consulted the Sultan first?

Doesnt he know that matters concerning Islam come under the jurisdiction of the Palace?

I think in this case the Sultan is right.

ali allah ditta said...

Tok Mummy,

All actions undertaken without having prior consent of HRH the Sultan and HRH the Raja Muda are deemed as ignoring or undermining the positions of HRH Paduka Seri Sultan as the head of Islam (in the state) and HRH Raja Muda Perak who is the President of MAIAMP.


If there had been a transgression of laws and or wrongdoing by Yang Berbahagia Dato' Jamry Sury on the state government's administration, then the state government is requested to present the case on an official basis to HRH Paduka Seri Sultan for HRH to initiate the process of law (on the matter) before a final decision is made.

....a valuable lesson learned and as human we make mistakes,so there are no winners or losers here,but the main media pretends as if the Perak MB had made a big mistake.


ingin tahu said...

I agree with you Encik ali allah ditta.

But did YB Nizar present the case officially to the Sultan before transferring Jamry out?

Dhahran Sea said...

Thats the "price" we have to "pay" for agreeing to having "constitutional monarchy" versus a "republic"? Btw, we Malaysians still hold the "envious" world record of having 9 sultans in a country of 20++ millions; not bad I suppose?

Bung Karno said...

dhahran sea,

having the monarcy is not a matter of choice. We have no choice bcos the sultans have owned the country and the people long,long be4 we're here. We must accept.

As for the Perak MB, he is a freshie. In fact all head of Pakatan state governments, except Datuk Nik Aziz are first time administrators. They want to impress the rakyat and DSAI. Expect them to be a bit rash and indulge in 'berdendam'.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Maria,
I'd like to reply Dharan sea's remark.

What you uttered is total disregard to racial sensitivity and is considered as "kurang ajar". What do you think the Malays had to sacrifice to Britain's request for co-existence of Malays and non-Malays for the price of Merdeka?

Had the Malays not accepted to the request, think deeply where you could end up today. We are happily living in a multi-racial society of today, so please dont mar it with your silly remark.

Thanks Kak Maria

Dhahran Sea said...

Bung Karno,
Thank you for your remark & I wish I could argue further with regards to "the sultans owned the country & the people long before we were here"... I thought we are living in 21st century? And I supposed we can't argue anymore on the "contributions" of our sultanate to the welfare of the rakyat eversince they owned us, like, selling Singapore to the British, etc.? Never mind its a sensitive issue and lets just call it a day?

Wow! Seronok tenguk ada somebody yang so "sultan-hatic" (as in "patriotic"?) like you in Malaya! And thank you for taking the trouble to "mengajar" about the Malays & independence. "What the Malays had to sacrifice to Britain's request for co-existence of Malays & non-Malays for the price of Merdeka"?... sorry I don't quite see your logic here with regards to the Sultans's role in Merdeka. If I'm not mistaken (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong), it was the Sultans who initially went against the idea of Merdeka (they were ready to accept Malayan Union after being "gula2" by the British) - it was Dato' Onn & other Malays & non-Malays nationalists who quickly went against this idea, and the rest as they say is history? So "ajaran" ni could be beneficial to a lot of us? Also your remark that "we are happily living in a multi-racial country today"... wow! Are you sure you berpijak dibumi nyata or masih di awang2an? Lets face it, "happily living..." is superficial, there are lots of issues that are being swept under the carpet, like time bombs ready to explode... its an issue that we all have to face and make concerted efforts to resolve sooner or later (better sooner of course). Living in defiance of the problems will NOT solve the problem (reminds me of AAB& Co?).

Lastly "Zaib", if we want to progress to become a truly developed country like e.g. the UK or Japan, which still retain their monarchies, albeit in a more "symbolic' model, then the "mindsets" of both the rakyat AND their monarchies have to change. In these two countries, their monarchies "earned" the respect from the rakyat; they never imposed their "daulat" on the rakyat; and they know their "limits" with regards to contemporary issues relating to the governing of modern nations. Ok, cukup kot "ajaran" for the day? Alas, as they say, people believe what they WANT to believe, I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dharan,

The sultans were forced to sign the Malayan Union Treaty by McMichael.

HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, a former CJ of Malaysia, is also a highly learned King. His call for the reinstatement is within power bestowed to him under the State Constitution, like his brothers in other states.

Majority of Malaysians are happy with this arrangement and if you are not, then please find your way out!

I've got nothing more to say. Just to remind you that if threat on the blog received by Mr Karpal recently led to the arrest of the boy who posted it, your mischievous statement could as well land you in the same trouble. Be careful my friend, don't instigate any hatred to an institution that is currently free from any political influences.

And my last argument is why should we follow the mould of Japan, Britain or other developed coutries to fulfill our dream of becoming a developed nation, when we can create our own model?

Thanks Kak Maria for allowing me to channel my view on your blog:-).


Dhahran Sea said...

Anon 5.58/Zaib,
I acknowledge your points of view and I suspect you have done your survey (or someone did it for you?) to claim that "majority of Malaysians are happy with this arrangement"? Or maybe they are the "silent majority"?
Did I "incite" hatred on the Sultans? I was just stating the fact, I mean Malaysia indeed has the largest number of Sultans of any country in the world, and I DIDN'T ask whether a country like Malaysia can 'afford' to have them, did I? As for the Sultans "were forced to sign the Malayan Union Treaty...", well I'm not a historian; maybe we can ask Datuk Prof. Khoo? or anybody well-versed in history can help on this?
But the fact remains, it is the Malay & non-Malay nationalists who REALLY fought for our independence - again maybe some credible historians can help on this?
As for your advice, "Just to remind you that if threat on the blog received by Mr Karpal recently led to the arrest of the boy who posted it, your mischievous statement could as well land you in the same trouble. Be careful my friend, don't instigate any hatred to an institution that is currently free from any political influences...", well thanks for the advice. Maybe I need Karpal's advice as to whether what I've written on Tok Mummy's blog constitutes "instigate any hatred on ...". Btw, you sound very much like someone who works for a gomen dept. or a retired cikgu besar... you know, using threatening statements to scare you students/staffs away? I think we are all grown up who can use our grey matter wisely; no need to use fear tactics in our arguments. And of course, talking about grey matter, I do have a lot of respect for the Perak Sultan & family. In fact I admire them so much that one of my daughters' name is Eleena, just like one of the Sultans' brilliant daughter, who used to become one of the top 20 richest Malaysians published in Malaysian Business some time back. There are many ways of respecting the Sultans; apart from cium tangan and sembah-menyembah, we could also emulate the good things that come out from them, like having good education for ourselves and our children. Enough said for the day. To summarize: I don't hate the Sultans; BUT I do hate the people yang lebih2 mendaulatkan mereka for whatever reasons...

Anonymous said...

Dear Dharan,

I'm very much involved in the corporate world and have seen the good and ugly sides of both worlds. I go for demokrasi terpimpin and not for demo kasi kawe hile (you give, I take and in the end you'd not have anything else left for yourself) the end Id loose everything that I once own.

Hawat hang pikior kami ghuru besaq haaa?


Dhahran Sea said...

Ok anon/Zaib, point noted though I wonder the relevance of your involvement in the corporste world (the good & bad sides of BOTH worlds?) to the topic of discussion. Anyway, lets see the latest development with Karpal & the Sultans, shall we?