Friday 30 November 2007

Today is the 100th day since Nurin

...was seen alive

Unfortunately, her killer/killers are still at large and have yet to be found. Maybe he is running around looking for his next victim.

There has been no update, no new lead and her case remains unsolved.

Nurin Jazlin was the eight-year-old girl who went missing only to be found brutaly murdered.

Nurin's uncle, Jasni AJ, is concerned and worried over the statement by the Deputy Internal Security, Dato Johari Bin Baharom, who said he did not want the public to pressure the police about the case but to allow the authorities to solve it according to set procedures.

"Buat masa ini, media tidak perlulah tanya lagi (berhubung kes Nurin)..."
"...Orang awam seharusnya memahami dan tidak mendesak pihak berkuasa, sebaliknya mereka perlu diberi peluang serta masa untuk menyelesaikan kes tersebut mengikut prosedur siasatan yang ditetapkan..."
he told the media last week.

Jasni is afraid that the case would most probably be put in the cold storage and be forgotten.

"... it has been 100 days now, what else can we 'buat'?", he said.

However, Jasni is hopeful the meeting between the Citizens For NURIN Alert (CFNA) Exco members and some government officials today on the Nurin Alert initiative will produce better results.

Read Jasni's entry here:

Just a reminder to Datuk Johari: Nurin was among the 17 children under the age of nine – 10 boys and seven girls – on the police’s list who were reported missing.

The other children seem to have “vanished” between January and July this year, and have yet to be found. Some left their homes, and like Nurin, never returned. Others were lured away by friends.

They are among the 34 cases (under nine years old) reported to the police until July. Sixteen of the cases involve boys and 18 others are girls. Police have so far found six boys and 11 girls.


Pak Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
I see an obvious trend there. After a heinous crime is committed, lots of public outcry, they catch a few suspects, release them ...everything quiet, new crime... another cycle. Nobody charged and even if charged all will lead to an aquital due to insufficient evidence or sloppy prosecution.
Under other circumstances like traffic offences or street demo the action is furious and a house to house manhunt is carried out.
Please tell me what they are doing here?

Unknown said...
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Rockybru said...

Honeymoon over?

Bergen said...

The case has gone cold. Some cases are like that. Sometimes it's gonna take another victim before the guy makes a mistake. It's a tough case to crack with nothing much to go for the police. I like to think the case is on every honest-to-Allah investigating officers in the force. I'm sure they wanna this guy caught. I'm sure they wanna to kill this guy if they found him. They're human too. They've got daughters too. Let's hope they get their break.

Unknown said...

Jemputan untuk semua

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Zawi & Bergen: Hi!

Nurin was missing for almost a month yet the police failed to find her. And when they did, it was already too late.

Little Nurin is gone now. I doubt that the authorities will be able to catch the perpetrators. Maybe, they might close the case.

But am glad at least something positive has come out of the tragedy.

The public outcry, the anger many felt at what seemed like a "tidak-apa-attitude" of the authorities had lead to the creation of NURIN Alert.

And, I am happy to know the Nurin Alert is moving finally.

Thanks to Ahirudin Attan & Nuraina who worked on a plan of action to guide us all (the parents, the police, the community, the media, the bloggers, the kids, the teachers, the politicians) what to do to help the next child who is abducted.

Thank you also to bloggers like Jasni Abdul Jalil (Nurin's uncle) & crime analyst Kamal Hashim for starting the Citizens For Nurin Alert CFNA).

There’s tembam, a committee member of CFNA, whose blog is dedicated to "missing children ".

And Farina (princessjournals) the concerned Malaysian lady now residing in the USA who alerted my sister of the Amber Alert there and how the system could be adapted to help missing children here.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Yo bro rocky,

Just two entries yesterday, sudah kena "perli".

Hey, I wont be able to keep up with youlah - with what...3-4 entries a day?

Got a husband & sumore cucus to take care. Most probbaly I'll stick to one entry a week. He he he!


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Out of sight and soon out of mind
Nothing concrete done still never mind
Sometimes wonder where are the sound minds
To do whatever is required without boxed up minds

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Mon. 3rd Dec. 2007.