Thursday, 6 November 2008

Abdullah hopes Obama's election will bring positive changes to the world – The Sun

(Nov 5, 2008) : Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hopes Senator Barack Obama's election as president of the United States will bring positive changes to the world.

In congratulating Obama for being the first African-American to win the White House race, Abdullah said:

"His victory is expected to bring changes in the affairs of the US, I hope the Obama presidency will also bring positive changes to the world.

"I hope president-elect Obama will give immediate attention to address the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and in particular Palestine. I hope there will also be positive changes to the situation concerning Iran," he told a press conference at Parliament.

On ties with the United States, Abdullah said he looks forward to a new era of friendlier relations between Malaysia and US. Continue here.

And here’s what our leaders say. All of them see Obama’s victory as reflecting an important change in the American mindset.

Leaders elated over Obama's election –Malaysiakini

Foreign Affairs Minister Rais Yatim: "Malaysia... hopes Obama's government will be more sensitive to the sovereignty of smaller nations and will not use force in resolving global conflicts," he said in a statement.

Malaysia welcomes him as the new light in the struggle for democracy.

As America's first black president his victory has shown that Americans can accept a leader regardless of colour, religion or beliefs."

"Obama's victory is seen as bringing change and hope to the world."

Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general:
Obama’s rise to arguably the most powerful position in the world augurs well for global politics, said Lim.

He described the landslide win as a symbol of transformation of the American mindset.

“The Americans have voted in a president based on character and the principles of rule of law, equality, human rights, justice and democracy, rather than colour of skin,” he said.

Anwar Ibrahim: Obama's decisive victory signals a new chapter in the history of America, said the Opposition leader.

"His call for unity and his promise to forge a new direction in the relationship between the US and the rest of the world is welcomed by Malaysians.

"The support that president-elect Obama draws from across racial, religious and generational lines parallels the sentiments felt by Malaysians from all walks of life who earlier this year cast votes in vehement opposition to the failed policies of an incumbent regime," he said in a statement.

Anwar added that nations which have been at odds with the US may now find opportunities to cooperate on issues of foreign policy, sustainable development and the environment.

"His administration also brings renewed prospects for engagement between the United States and Muslim countries.

"Some of the most contentious issues of our time, including the ongoing conflicts and confrontations in the Middle East, require a commitment to diplomacy, a willingness to engage in a meaningful dialogue and a departure from the aggressive unilateralism witnessed in recent years.

"In this we anticipate that president-elect Obama will show leadership where previous administrations have failed." - Excerpts from Malaysia kini .


Justin Choo said...

An African-Malaysian as PM of Malaysia?

NOBISHA said...

Saya gembira apabila ahli-ahli politik kita berlumba-lumba mengucapkan tahniah kepada Obama.

Bagaimanapun, saya akan menjadi lebih gembira sekiranya ahli-ahli politik kita berlumba-lumba mengucapkan tahniah kepada antara satu sama lain.

Saya ingin melihat Najib mengucapkan tahniah kepada Anwar, dan Anwar mengucapkan tahniah kepada Najib apabila dia menjadi PM Mac tahun depan.

Marilah kita membina kematangan dalam politik Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi hopes Obama's victory will bring positive changes to the world when he has failed miserably to bring changes to his administration during his one-term premiership.

We, the raykats, thought he would bring changes when he took over the baton from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

But he failed to deliver the promises made - to reform the judiciary and wipe out corruptions, among others.

Of course he did make some changes, by bringing in the 4th floor boys and his infamouse SIL as his council of advisors, to the detriment of the ruling party which he leads.

The BN was trounced by losing 2/3 majority in Parliament and five states to the Opposition in the March 8 election.

And yes, ultimately he has to step now.

Now wht kind of changes will our PM-in-waiting (no, no, am not talking abt Anwar) bring about?

I'm hopeful. But that's left to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Encik justin choo,

An African-Malaysian PM, maybe later, much,much later, I think.

But hey, we're ahead of the Ameriicans-lah.

Our 1st PM, Bapak Kemerdekaan was half Thai, 3rd PM, was half Turkish, 4th half-mamak, and the fifth, Bapak mertua khairy, is half chinese.

Do you think if Obama was an African-American Muslim, he would have been voted in?

Lee said...

The election of Obama is proof that the Americans have changed their mindset.A son of an African who became an American can become the President of America.As late as 1965 many Americans of African origins were not able to exercise their rights to vote in the southhern part of USA!This change of mindset speaks well of the Americans!Can we as Malaysians change our mindset?Forget about "Ketuanan Melayu" Can we think of ourselves as Malaysians first?.Non-bumiputras cannot be this , cannot be that ....Why not do away with bumi and non-bumi? This will a positive change for Malaysia !

Anonymous said...

It took America more than 200 years for an Afro American to become President...I guess the non-bumi will have to wait for more than another 100 years to see a non-bumi PM. What Pak Lah said was correct...Malaysia can expect a non-bumi PM in future. So to the non-bumi pls be patient 100 years is not a long time in history.Wait ok??


Anonymous said...

Encik Nobisha,

Saya setuju dengan pendapat Sdr. Itu lah cara yang menunjukkan kematangan sesaorang politikus.

Anonymous said...

Encik Nobisha,

Saya setuju dengan pendapat Sdr. Itu lah cara yang menunjukkan kematangan sesaorang politikus.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi's and Datuk Rais Yatim's statements on Obama's victory expressing hope that it will bring positive changes ring hollow when the party they represent talks about "Ketuanan Melayu".

What changes are they talking about when even the appointment of a non-Malay to head PKNS had given rise to so much protest.