Thursday, 20 November 2008

Razak Baginda: Najib not involved - Malaysiakini

Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda said today that Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had never met the Mongolian woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu, who was brutally murdered two years ago, according to a report by Malaysiakini

Speaking to the media for the first time since his acquittal from the case on Oct 31, Abdul Razak said that neither Najib nor his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, had met Altantuya.

"I know that Najib and his wife had never met the deceased Altantuya," Abdul Razak told a packed press conference at a hotel here and pleaded for the media and the public to stop spreading "lies about Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife."

So much 'fitnah' (lies) have been thrown towards the DPM and his wife. he said.

"Those who have spread such lies can never produce any authentic evidence because there are none."

Here's the rest of the report:

He also said that Altantuya was never involved in any arms deal as was mentioned by various quarters for the reason of her killing.

The former Najib aide said that the arms deal took place in 2002, and he met Altantuya two years after that.

He added that he could do nothing about the public perception on the matter, urging everyone to stop linking Najib and Rosmah to the murder.

Abdul Razak also said that Najib would make a good prime minister.

The political analyst was originally charged with abetting with two elite police officers to murder Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu in November 2006.

Surprise acquittal

He was however acquitted without having to enter defence on Oct 31. The other two will have their defence heard next year when the trial continues.

Abdul Razak's acquittal came as a shock to many observers as the prosecution had claimed to have a strong case against him.

Claims of alleged political interference in the case grew stronger when the prosecution did not appeal against the acquittal.

In his 50-minute long press conference held at Hotel Maya in Kuala Lumpur this morning, Abdul Razak blamed bloggers and opinion makers in creating a negative impression on the case.

He also said that he planned to finish his doctoral degree in international relations at Oxford University.

The press conference was also attended by his father and brother.

Both his wife and daughter were not there.Abdul Razak is a known confidante of Najib, having worked on government arms procurement projects while the latter was defence minister.

He was to have held a press conference on Nov 6 but it was cancelled at the last minute.


Anonymous said...

Razak, we know you are very gratefulto Najib. You've been set free. Should have left it at that.

No need to give a PC to say Najib & wife not involved.

Many wont believe what you've said. I dont!

Lee said...

What took him so long to say what he is expected to say.He has to show that he is a grateful person.What we should all be concerned about is that Bala and his family seem to have disappeared into thin air!He should be here to testify in court that our PM to be is innocent.Perhaps,Razak should be subpena to testify for our PM to be too.That will certainly carry more weight than a mere press conference!

Anonymous said...

He seems to know alot, even he claimed it was not because of the arms deal, how come he is free..coincidence?
and what about NAJIB's purported SMS to baginda when he was arrested. also a lie? the end of the day...the REAL CROOKS are out there, and today he is just supporting one of the crooks just because he was let off the hook.

Najib can be the PM, the someday the TRUTH will be known.

My advise to u Baginda..DONT ACT INNOCENT, A LIFE WAS TAKEN AWAY...AND YOU COULD BE THE CAUSE....ITS ONLY THE PROCECUTION WHO ACTUALLY DID NOT WANT TO "PRESS U" AND YES..THEY ARE NOT GOING TO APPEAL TOO...WHY? the entire malaysians knows the reason.....but someday....we will know

Anonymous said...

Razak, you should keep quiet and go away, instead you are asking more people to question you.We know who spared your life, so being grateful is your virtue, however to come openly only to say so and so is not involved is not a bright think to do.Then many will question who than is involved.You should have gone oblivion from all this. Afterall you are not a bright person, getting into contraversy.

Anonymous said...

If Baginda and Najib are innocent as they claim, then they should volunteer to testify at the defence trial of the Sirul Azhar and Azila. They should also not be afraid to take a lie detector test. Baginda should just keep quiet. By calling for a PC to proclaim that Najib is innocent, Baginda is in fact telling a big lie!

Anonymous said...

i'm still skeptical on Razak,Najib and Rosmah.if they dont have anything to do with the assasination of Atlantuya,the who did?

the two policemen aren't moron enough to kill a lady just like that.there must have been some big shot who told them to do so.still the question is rather who made such order.

what Razak had told us about Najib and Rosmah not involved whatsoever with Atlantuya seems superficial.if he really meant what he said then he should have done this a long time ago and not only recently.

day by day the people seems to believe that Najib and Rosmah did have something to with Atlantuya.

Anonymous said...

siapa yang boleh percaya kpd si Razak ni.Razak itu kuncu Alnajib.Memanglah dia lindung Alnajis ni.Bawalah kes ke ICJ, barulah tahu siapa pelakon filem "Gerak Khas" ni arahan Alnajis.

Unknown said...

i'm sorry Razak but it's hard for me to believe's not your call to say that Najib and Rosmah aren't involved in this matter when already big number of people already believe such rumour.only the court can lay the verdict whether true or not Najib and Rosmah got anything to do the with Atlantuya murder.

Anonymous said...

Ayo-yo... Razak not guilty? Najis not involved?? Ayooooo... who is the murderer???? The 2 cops???? Why the 2 cops murdered Altanthya??? What reason??? Ayo-yo.... Or maybe later the 2 cops freed. Then who's the murderer??? Ayo-yo amma.. The people knowlah!!!! Razak, you are a fool lah! We all wait and see lah!!!!!