Sunday 20 July 2008

No Terengganu Awards this year

For the first time ever, the Terengganu palace would not be handing any form of awards in in conjunction with Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin’s birthday. - Malaysiakini

No reason was given, though the birthday celebration will be held on a moderate scale.

"The palace official had informed about this matter about one month ago but I was not told the reason for not having the ceremony," State Secretary Datuk Mokhtar Nong said in Kuala Terengganu on Saturday.

Mokthar said he was also unsure whether the ceremony would be held at a later date and had also not received the names of award recipients, so far.

"Sermons will be conducted in all mosques throughout the state while a ceremony will be held at Istana Maziah at 12.30pm," he added.

(Source: The Star and Malaysiakini)
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(Congratulations to Tuanku Mizan. I hope this will set the trend for other states to follow. No more awards to any Dick ,Tom and Harry and, yes, to cronies too, The way Datukships has been generously dished out in the past to undeserving recipients has made a mockery of the awards and rendered them valueless. Awards should ONLY be given to those who have served the country well and to those who have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields in a way which has been of significant benefit to the nation.)


Anonymous said...

Agree with you.

Now who come to mind? Riong Kali, the current group editor of NST Hishamudin, Datuk Manja Ismail of Berita Harian, Mahadzir Lokman & Siti Nurhaliza,among others.

Aduh ramai lagi. Tak terkira. Oh yes, that 4th floor boy, Khalid bin what's the name.

Oklah, maybe Siti the music indsutry. Even then its debatable.

Nothing to do with envy. Those names listed up there. One big joke to be called Datuk!!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering how those undeserving ones got their datukships.

Must pay money one aah?

Anonymous said...

It well known in the business circle that Datukship can be easily bought from some states.datukship is a joke?....of course it is. An ex clerk from our company paid for a datukship not so long ago! Ayoh...malu loh when those blind members of our society still think datukships are such great honours.